just got an interview but i had a couple of questions.

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  1. bananaman

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    i got an interview with ups as a package handler. if i do get the job, when will i start. also, i heard that the orientations were 2 weeks long everyday for 4 hrs each day. is this true? what do u do for 4 hrs at a time? also, how heavy are those packages that you handle on average? thanks
  2. UPSNewbie

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    Under one pound to over 70.
  3. fallvitals

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    My training was,, i came in one night watched some safety videos, and since they were over staffed decided to send me home. the next night they gave me a scanner, showed me how to use it and load and that was it.
  4. Kraetos

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    Well hopefully you got a tour of the facility so you will understand what is involved. I never did, but after two and a half years of working at my hub, I see new applicants walk around with a supervisor to get an idea of what goes on. It's a great time to change your mind.

    Like Newbie said, could be any kind of package, any weight. It all depends on what route your drivers run. One of my drivers goes by an oil industrial plant and well...they need a lot of machinery parts...
    It also depends on where you live, too many factors involved to give you a good answer. Just know it is less than 200 pounds because UPS freight will take care of that and not UPS ground. Although, I had to send a package back because it was longer than the truck it was designated to be loaded for.

    I'm not sure what you mean by orientation, my hub has no such thing. Personally, I signed up online, went in for an interview, got a call next day from human resources saying that I had the job and to come in for work the following morning. First day I started working, 2 years go by I'm still on same shift, still working...
    The only orientation for package handlers I know of is filling out a training packet when you start. They did this for 10 minutes after each shift my first week. Sometimes they make them watch a video, but I never had to.

    Other than that, good luck! You are now a slave they will bend to their will...(Joking?)
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  5. ih8tbrn

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    Unless you are in it for the long haul(becoming a driver), run away. The job sucks, the pay sucks, the hours suck, and you have to wait a year for insurance(which is very good).
  6. Kraetos

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    My only problem is I'm taking a break from school and needed a second part-time job in addition to pre-load. I work in a medium sized hub in Texas which has few opportunities for 22.3 jobs. It also only has the pre-load and night-shift sorts.

    I was wondering if it was possible to get regular positions on both the pre-load and night-shift sorts? If not, how do you get 22.3 jobs? I've been told by bidding on them (I've been here 2 1/2 years) but how do you bid for a job, and who do you talk to? Also do you really call them 22.3 jobs in the hub? I know this is slang for article 22 section 3, but is that what only people that use this forum call them?
  7. ih8tbrn

    ih8tbrn Banned

    On the makeupsdeliver website it looks like UPS is trying to eliminate a lot of those 22.3 jobs.
  8. Kraetos

    Kraetos Preload, Loader

    Ya I've heard that, but that's mostly in the north. My area (Eastern Texas) shows no signs of that happening. They also say that the contract changes in 2013, but I'd like a 22.3 job even if it's just till 2013...
  9. MonavieLeaker

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    You can double shift but its not guaranteed that you'll get to do that everyday.....22.3's are bid jobs just like all other positions..seniority prevails.....most people call em 22.3 or combo jobs
  10. DownsizedUPS'er

    DownsizedUPS'er missing my UPS family

    i ask this question with all due respect, but, why did you not address these questions to the intervierer? they are the perfect person to ask, they have the answers.

    Good luck.
  11. stringerman85

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    I think he has only applied and not interviewed yet, Probably online

    But that is correct, ask the interviewer :)
  12. bananaman

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    thanks for the reply guys. im a college student right now in need of a part time job. i will get interviewed this week. do u think i'll get the job on the spot? and how hard is this job really? like out of ten with ten being the hardest lol. btw, i might get the 3am shift. and newbieatups, what is the 1hr on operations part? what do u do there? thanks
  13. stringerman85

    stringerman85 New Member

    I can answer this for you.....Everyone who applies usually gets the job, As long as you have no past criminal activity....The job is not hard, But it's difficult to do when you're first starting out, Most of the new people usually want to quit when they are in their first 30 days, It's alot of physical labor, You'll be sore, And It's fast paced and they do kind of expect you to improve pretty quickly......The 1 hr operation he is talking about is when they take into the actual facility and show you what job you will be doing and demonstrate what's to be done, You'll just kinda watch and learn....Either unloading or loading is usually the jobs they give the new hires....The 3am shift may even be the preload sort.....where you load the delivery trucks....Good luck...Hang in there....
  14. rocket man

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    your lucky you got a intreview.