Just started my 2nd week in the Ontario, CA hub and....

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    So I'm a new hire and I just started my second week of actually working. 3 weeks ago was hired on, completed my training, and about to finish my second week of unloading containers. Yesterday, 5-22-13, I was at a friends house before I left for my shift, which started at 10:30pm. At approximately 10, I began feeling light headed and nauseous. I passed out, or "fainted", and woke up soon after. I felt sick and ended up throwing up. I think it was something I ate before I left to work, or maybe dehydration from working out in the sun all day without much water. Anyways, a few minutes after all of that, at around 10:10, I tried calling my supervisor for intra-sort, (minutes before my shift started!), using the number on a sticker I was given to put on my ID just in case, to let him know what had happened. No answer, so I left a message explaining what had happened and asked for my supervisor to call back asap. I felt funny about the voice mail, so I called again a little while later and tried to explain again what happened in better detail and that I was not gonna make it. Still no answer but left another voice mail. Anyways what I'm trying to get at is, is there a possibility I can get fired for calling in on such short notice while on my probation period? When I left the second voice mail, I mentioned I was concerned about the safety of my new job and said I would come in tonite, 5-23-13, and talk with my supervisor about what happened. I have yet to receive a call and I do no want to be let go because of this unfortunate incident. If anyone could help or at least give some insight on to what can happen or any advice, it would be greatly appreciated! I'm going in to work later praying all is well and hoping I still have a job because I really do need it so it can help me pay off school loans for the time being.
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    ​Well, maybe.
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    ​Lay off the weed.
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    Lay off the weed man
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    how can a part timer afford weed?
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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    He said he was at his friend's house. Prolly the friend's weed.
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    I just wanted to know! Cant afford it on full time!!!lol

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    That's why you gotta grow your own.:p
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    Totally up to your sup now , if he likes you it might work out

    If he doesn't like you , bye bye

    And PT can afford weed most of them really don't have bills
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    You can be let go for virtually any reason during your probationary period. Honestly, it depends on how much your FT manager likes you, how desperate your hub is for bodies, how high volume is, etc.

    You should be fine, just show up to work early at your next punch in.

    I actually no-called during my first 30 days when I was a rookie because I :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing hated my lead supervisor.