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  1. Hey everyone. I figured I would introduce myself around here. I have been with UPS since April. I work out of Springfield, VA unloading and sorting during the night and loading trucks in the morning getting all the overtime I can handle. I came to UPS after 7 years in the Navy and Im working on a degree in history. I look forward to meeting and chatting with you all.
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    WElcome to Browncafe! We look forward to your input!!!
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    Did you get your inspiration for your screen name from me?:laugh:

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    Welcome..Enjoy your stay:thumbup1:
  5. haha, no. It seems that way. I went from wearing a blue uniform in the Navy to wearing a brown one, well the shorts anyways. When I was a helper last Christmas my driver gave me a pair for busting my ass during peak.
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    Pardon my rudeness, but....what the heck are you going to do with that degree in history? Shouldn't it be a degree in accounting or business or something that will earn you some money? Or are you going to go driving? You sure sound pleasant enough. Don't be discouraged by some of the nay sayers here. Welcome aboard!

  7. Probaly wont do anything with it but I want to get it for myself just so I can look at it and say I accomplished something.
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    Blue to brown get that degree. The happiest I have ever been was to see my 3 kids get their degrees. One at Valpo one at North Texas and one at University of Texas. The next happiest I will be is UPS taking over the Central States pension, so I can get out of dodge.........
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    Welcome to the 'Cafe, thanks for your service to our country. I look forward to hearing your opinions, please post often.:thumbup1:
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    Thank you for being willing to serve our country.
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    Blue uniform? Are you Swabies still insisting that those black uniforms are really blue or are you talking about the blue utility uniforms or the standard light blue on dark blue uniform with your names embroidered on the seat of the pants? :) Just messing with ya man. I worked with the Navy allot when I was in the military and plenty of the interservice trash talk pertainted to the uniforms.
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    Welcome to the Browncafe!! We look forward to your imput.

    Thank you for your service to our country!!:thumbup1:
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    Welcome aboard! (No Navy pun intended) I think it's safe to say that, if you survived 7 years of working for Uncle Sam and peak at UPS, you've accomplished a great deal already!
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    You all know what they say about a man in a uniform, right? There is nothing better, from my perspective, than a man in a real uniform, and I mean a navy uniform. I once went to Hawaii and got a room with a view....of a parking garage. Well, that night some kind of soiree was going on where all these good-looking men in navy uniforms were parking their cars on their way to the event. The little short dark coats, the full-on dress whites.....I get misty-eyed just thinking about it. Now that was a well-spent hour for me. Sitting on the lanai, balmy, breezy night, beer in hand, staring at all those Navy men in their uniforms. Now that was good times. (I know, I know, shallow moments.) You men can have your Hooters moments, I'll take a Navy uniform anyday.
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    You go girl.
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    You'd be surprised, Helen. Blue isn't thinking about further education but history makes a great background education. Really any of the liberal arts--history, English, music, etc--make a great background. Personally, I went with the English because it didn't 'back me into a corner' as far as a profession. Business was too specific for me and still is. If I had to do it over again, I'd STILL have done the English major. I would encourage someone considering history to look at English, too. Both are a lot of writing. If you like facts, go with the history. If you like analysis, I'd take a look at then English again. JMO. -Rocky
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    Welcome to the jungle. History is a great subject. It was my favorite in school.
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    Welcome, I used to live in West Springfield, quite a few years ago, errr must have been around 76-77.. Saw Led Zeppelin at the Capitol Center in Landover , Md. ..I just wish I remembered it.......................

  19. I know exactly what you mean, Navy Ball back in 2002 I was fighting the women off. I was only an enlisted man but I went out and splurged and bought the full on tuxedo dress uniform. Damn did I look sharp!

    You guys raised some good points about the college. I had seriously thought about becoming a teacher back when I first started college part time but then I realized I probaly wouldnt be all that happy. I think I am a little TOO blue collar for that sort of job. I think I would probaly be happier sitting in a brown truck driving around dropping packages off cursing my loader for putting airs in load and letting another driver make off with the GOOD handcart all the while forgetting that I was once a loader.
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    Don't get me wrong, I had a history minor in college. But unless you are going to be a teacher (and you would have to be a glutton for punishment if you want to) there is not much you can realistically do with it. If you are going to be a driver, you just go with that history major. The best education when you go to college is NOT the classed you take, but the experiences and exposures you have. And if you have been in the Navy (in your FINE uniform) than you might already have traveled the world which is even a better education than school. You might be ready to settly down to a career which is UPS. Put your time in as PT and go driving. Or management. (my feelings, bad choice too soon)