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    I got hired by ups freight in Indiana and go to orientation tomorrow. Just was wondering what to expect? Also my hours are like 4pm till 2or3 am after I get some time in would I be able to get on days? Or is that the hours for freight drivers? I will be driving tractor trailer. Thanks
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    This all depends on your center and what you are hired to do. If you are hired as a p & d driver then with seniority you will be able to get on days. If you are a road driver then that is nights mostly, that could take many years to get to days. Good luck and welcome to UPS Freight.
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    It's a great job.....you'll love it....... The only thing is the pay stinks in the beginning, but it's well worth it when you hit top pay.....hang in there.... Good luck......

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    it all depends on what job you want to work and the terminal you got hired to work at.
    if your at a end of line facility you'll have a good chance to get days fairly quick, if you got hired at a larger hub terminal it could take 15+ years to get on a day shift bid.
    at hrs 129 there are dockworkers with 15- 16 years seniority that cant get a first shift bid .
    then we have city drivers that have a 10am start with 3 or 4 years in.