Kansas Tornado!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Cole, May 9, 2007.

  1. Cole

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    I was just curious if we have/had a center in that town that was devastated, and if it was destroyed, and how any of our people that may have been effected are holding up, also what can we do to help?

    My thoughts and prayers got out to all those people!
  2. DS

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    This is an amazing video of stormchasers on May 4th
    didnt these folks see the wizard of oz
  3. RockyRogue

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    The entire town of Greensburg was destroyed, Cole. By destroyed, I mean levelled. I think I've seen smalls bags originating Coldwater, KS, so I'd guess there are many UPS'ers in the area. I think the area is part of the Rocky Mountain District but I've heard nothing said, let alone posted in the hub. I can't seem to access UPSers.com, either. I'll post if I hear anything. -Rocky
  4. Cole

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    Thanks Rocky,

    I know they were leveled, and I am sure there's likely still no power, but I was hoping someone would know if our folks are ok out there etc...How do drivers in Tornado alley make it? I mean if you're stick in traffic and one comes up quick?

    I know oneday I was stuck in a traffic jam, and it started pouring rain, then hail, and the wind really started kicking, and there was no where to go, and a pretty sizable branch came blowing by, and I have to admit I screamed like a little girl as it just missed my windshield. I felt like Fred Sanford, "this is the big one" I coming to join you Dad".

    Certainly scarey feeling!
  5. Sammie

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    No UPS center in Greensburg, thank goodness. UPS here said one of the closest centers is Wichita, which is east of there. Mr. Feeder guy here drives from Denver to Goodland, Kansas (on the NW corner of Kansas) and Greensburg is (was) down south closer to Oklahoma.

    I contacted the Kansas Highway Patrol and they put me in touch with the Red Cross (ph# 620-672-3651). Blankets, water, clothing, etc. are well stocked but the Red Cross is feeding a lot of people and what they need now are donations.

    You can send your check to:

    Greensburg Disaster Relief
    114 North Main
    Pratt, Kansas 67124
  6. trucker1946

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    Thanks Sammy,my retired friends from UPS are sending a check to that address,We wish them God speed:thumbup1:
  7. Cole

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    Thanks Sammie!

    Will do!!
  8. Sammie

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    My pleasure. I have a good friend who lives in Holly, Colorado, close to the Kansas border. Half of their little town of 700 was
    demolished by a tornado in March.

    A minor tornado touched down in my neighborhood some time back. They can be picky little devils. This one very meticulously picked off the screen door from my next door neighbors back door and laid it gently in his back yard. But me, heck no. It blew out all the windows in the back of my house and played pick up sticks with my roof.

    Colorado isn't all that beautiful or exciting, but being in the middle of the country, our temperatures are moderate; no
    frigid temps, no humidity, no mudslides, minimal tornado activity, no hurricanes, no tsunami's, no El Nino's or La Niña's.... not very exciting around here when you think about it...
  9. diesel96

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    Raw,This isn't Current Events Board,this is UPS discussions.
    Take your politics elsewhere.Its about helping UPS people affected in Kansas.Or can you not put aside your personal differences for a common goal.
  10. Raw

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    Oh , Ok then. Thanks for the stern talking to and I`ll put aside my politics and respect other`s dire circumstance. :blushing:
  11. diesel96

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    Sorry I came off as stern Raw,but we can rip each in current events,in UPS disccussions were all Brown Brothers talking shop for a common cause.I get to worked up when it comes to politics.My respect for the victims of the Kansas Tornado's also,and thx for the address Sammie.
  12. Closest center appears to be in Dodge City, KS at 40.9 miles away from Greensburg, KS next closest is in Great Bend, KS at 59.4 miles away.