Khat shipments?

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    Late last week we pulled a shipment addressed to the USA that was marked up as company literature, but was actually Khat.
    I understand that it's illegal in the USA and controlled in Canada, and the UK is the main export gateway for the stuff.

    We were talking about it, and it got us thinking just how many shipments actually make it across the pond.
    Therefore, have any Brown Cafe members seen any khat shipments, or pulled any in your centres in the USA?

    We have pulled a few shipments over the past three or months alone here. The shippers use both EDI labels that contain official company account numbers (presumably without its knowledge), and manual waybills that all contain very vague details with no contact names or phone numbers for the shipper.
    They also vary between getting the shipments picked up by a driver, and bringing them direct to the centre.

    I'm sure they'll be trying again shortly :)
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    Sorry! I've never even heard of the stuff

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Look it up on Wikipedia !!
    It's an illegal plant that has "cocaine like" side effects when chewed
    I never heard of it til now
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    raceanoncr Well-Known Member is it packaged again, just so I can detect a package in case I happen to look inside a trailer here? can you, er, I mean, someone label it so as not to be detected? Just in case I happen to come across one so I can turn it in?

    Ummm....maybe one more thing...How can you, I mean, someone send one to my house without getting detected, just in case I happen to have one come to my I can call the authorities!

    Just trying to get the facts and do the right thing.
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    Khat- that sounds like something my wifes cat would hack up
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    Where do people come up with this stuff?