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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hefernan, Aug 11, 2009.

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    i am a cuurnet pc driver in washington state. I have worked for ups preload for 3 years and driving for almost 1 year. For the first 6 months driving they used me on and off depending on volume. for the last 5 months i have been on day by day layoff which means i call in at start time time and see if they need me if they do i must report to work as normal and they havn't needed me for 3 months so im broke.i cant find another job cause when i call in they might need me. they also (being ups and the union) wont put me back in my old postion on the preload leaving me jobless and in a tough position. also my buildings preload needs help and they have hired 5 new employees while ive been out of work. anyone with any thoughts or refrence to the northwest contract would be appreciated.

    thank you,
  2. raceanoncr

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    Need more info. Are you full-fledged full time driver? Are you locked into F/T?

    It sounds like you are because they are not letting you back into your old position. This would be true if you are a true F/Ter. What WOULD be true, tho, is this: IF you are a bonifide F/Ter, you could bump into 2 P/T positions to make up your 40 for the week. If nobody has told you this by now, you should start asking some serious questions yourself.

    Again, it sounds like some details need to be cleared up before some concrete advice can be given here, and remember this also: Everywhere is different! You may have different guidelines in your areas supplements. Check you supplements, check your contract.

    Oh, you DO have a contract, don't you?
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    I go would go down to your local unemployment office and file a claim tomorrow. So atleast you have a open claim. Here in Ma you can still work PT and collect.

    But I definately find out where you stand with the company as are you full time driver or still a PTimer. What it sounds like is that your a full time driver just that they don't have any steady work for you right now. WHich should start to change in the next couple of months.
  4. grgrcr88

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    The way it works in the central, if you are laid off you can bump 2 junior part timers to get at least 6 hours a day. In our building you find out on friday if you will be off for the week or if they might need you. Then you declare on Frriday if you plan to hold out for the chance to drive or if you are going to work the 2 part time shifts. If you choose to work the 2 part time shifts and they need a driver and you are next on the list you will be passed over for the next available seniority driver.
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    Our supplement in this area does not allow this. When a FT driver is on layoff he simply does not work.
  6. Diego

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    off for a week and you are tempoary layoff go draw unemployment if you have a F/T senority date. That is in that little blue book somewhere.
  7. bubsdad

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    Talk to a union steward.
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    My guess is that the OP is about to or already has run out of unemployment funds. Several drivers in my center are in the same situation as you. Considering looking elsewhere for employment. One actually took another job for a while and told UPS he wouldn't be available for that time. He still works here now when they need him. I thinkt he lowest senior driver doesn't even call in anymore. the driver sups call him if necessary.
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    thx for all the replies. I am a full timer and i do draw unemployment right now but it is only 200 bux a week hard to live on that. In my area there is no launguage in the contract for layoffs at all so the union being my secretary and shop steward have both told me i can't bump part timers even tho they are hireing new employees. There are 30+ ppl working in my building with less senority than me and there is nothing i can do. If i go get a job i would have to quit it on the first day ups wanted me back. they hold me on a tight leash and put me a difficult position so much for a company that respects and takes care of its employees i have lost whatever small respect i had for this company. Im even more upset with our union they have never done anything for me but take my money even if i dont work. I paid full union dues in july because i got paid for the 4th holiday that is some B/S!
  10. brownrodster

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    Your situation is unfortunate. But you really need to decide if UPS for you.

    How many FT drivers above you in seniority are not working? How many drivers are close to retirement? Does it look like you will get to work during peak? Is there any hope in sight?

    You have to do what you need to in order to survive. That may require you to leave UPS.
  11. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Its amazing that we are all union but some regions just completely drop the ball with each contract... not to say the region I'm in is perfect but its pretty good compared to others.
  12. klein

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    Thats harsh. Made me check my account today actually.
    Finally collected my unemployment, the day before yesterday.
    $401.00 per week.
    About half as much as when I was working.
    But, atleast enough to get by.

    Do, what you need to do Heffernan.
    I used to work part time at my local likor-store.
    He couldn't find anyone to work Friday or Saturday nights.
    So, I helped him out, he paid me cash.
  13. UPSroanoke1

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    something is not right her you can call the ITB get the 8oo # from teamster web site and ask to speak to Kieth, when you call.
  14. hefernan

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    thx again for tryin to help guys. I have decided to join the reserves and hopefully when i come back they will need me.
  15. hondo

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    Check with your local & HR on how to protect your eligibility to be put back to work.
  16. raceanoncr

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    Uh...that's kinda why I said, "You may have different guidelines in your areas supplements. Check your supplements, check your contact."
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Don't join the reserves. Join the Air National Guard or go active duty Air Force. Those are the best places to be in the military. :)