Lasership Delivery From Amazon

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    I ordered separate items from Amazon, three days apart last week (Monday and Thursday). How about the "Lasership" goods arrived first; I placed that order last (still waiting on UPS).

    I didn't see the delivery person, but I knew it came from the company called "Lasership" (via the tracking info).

    My understanding is they are headquartered in Virginia, but they stock "Amazon" merchandise in their warehouses.

  2. HomeDelivery

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    umm, nope

    it's just like any other courier service... stuff gets transported by a CDL-A driver (usually) to the hub, then sorted to local delivery drivers

    just be glad you have a local indie-owner-operator that seems to have a good work ethic

    the local craigslist ad is blowing up weekly in anticipation of an amazon warehouse that's being built in my state... patiently waiting to see if amazon will hire their own company drivers in addition to using this 3rd-rate courier service
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    oops, to add, i think you were talking about OnTrac

    they used to be a union-shop, but are now following fedex's plan instead...
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    Ontrac and Lasership are strictly regional carriers, western U.S. and eastern U.S. respectively.