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    So after six months as a loader I got layed off this week. It kind of stinks. The job for me was tough at first but I was getting the hang of it pretty well. At 41 I was the oldest on the belt. Last year I got layed off from my job of 18 years and I decided to go to UPS for Health benefits. At first I was unsure I could do it physically but I did it, got my packages per hour (PPH) up and thought I was doing pretty darn good...even though I did have some problems with mis-sorts.

    When my wife found out that her job was safe in late summer I really didn't need to be at UPS because I am covered under her. But I didn't want to quit because I felt I had something to prove and didn't want to leave them high and dry during peak. Ironically, I had done TMS a couple of days before I got notice. I do have a 4 year college degree but don't think I was there long enough to parlay it into something full time. While part of me feels that it was a waste of time because I didn't get a full time specialist position...I do feel I accomplished something because there were people, much younger than me that came and went because they couldn't handle it.

    I have no hard feelings towards UPS. I understand that my senority made me one of the first to go and there is nothing I can do about it. I have a bigger problem with the economy and politicains doing nothing to make it easier for businesses here in CT.

    For those of you wondering...our facility (which is somewhat smaller) moved some volume to a bigger facility because that facility lost one of their biggest accounts...I just want you to know this isn't a nationwide thing. They let go more than a handful of us.
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    If you made senority they will call you back when the volume picks up.
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    Ive been hearing of full time unionized drivers in NY getting laid off as well.
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    Consuder that Johnnyjet, you were only basically low waged warehouse help - you can get another warehouse job almost anywhere with equal or even more pay.

    If that rumour is true that elsewhere fulltime drivers are getting laid off. They can't ever find another drivers job with that amount of money.
    And even at a significant wage reduction, it still isn't easy to find a driver job, unless for pizza joint.

    So, move on.... jobs are plentyful probably with the low pay you received at UPS as a new loader.
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    Listen, Mr. Ann Landers, Jobs are not plentiful !!! Where do you get this stuff? Anyone working today should thank God they have a job!! If it's a good paying job, then all the better. You give all this advice, but do you mention that you are unemployed? That you are not in the USA ? That American conditions might be different than Canada's ? That you don't have a family to support ?
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    You can file for & collect unemployment. UPS rarely challenges the claims, even for temporary displacements.
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    write a grievance for the heck of it you want building seniorty checked and you 100pct make sure no ones in your place . the grievance wil get ther attention DONT GIVE UP . DONT GIVE IN ITS A BIG COMPANY
    . IM not being mean but there is a prime exzample of no one writing a grievance of pt time sups working . they didnt touch a package all of the holiday seaon. good luck to you you will be back.
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    thanks for advise kline yea!!!!!!!!!
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    I see you getting a job at a liquor store how ironic.........
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    File for unemployment, NOW. I was laid off after my first peak due to 'lack of work' ( like you i had seniority) i filed the day after i was laid off and was called back quickly as UPS has to pay the state the unemployment pay,as well as fee.
    My center manager told me NOT to cash any unemployment checks,and to get back to work! I hope you are called back quickly as well
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    I already was/am on unemployment from the job I lost last year. I was doing this to give me something to do and maybe get something full time considering my background. I have been sending my resume out but nothing. I will keep on doing that. Unless I became a PT Sup I probably had no chance of getting a Speciaist position...even though I wanted to get out of operations.
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    Around here, Specialist jobs are rare (only three openings in thirteen years) but every Specialist was promoted from hourly. PT supervisors are disinterested in the jobs since the pay is (by UPS standards) low.