Learning Zips


the easiest thing for me was sit and look at a map and focus on one section at a time see where they divisions are. then going to a new section the next day and see if i could remember where the previous division was

Arty S.

I used flash cards to learn the primary sorts at both buildings I worked.

I learned small sort as a bagger before I sorted, but our small sort included the splits in the bins, so at worst you could look things up.


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I have to admit that I wondered that myself but you have read the same posts that I have from these new kids and sometimes you just have to ask the obvious.


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Zipcodes are important.
The city of Boston is split between four different buildings; Norwood, Watertown, Somerville and South Boston. Knowing all of Boston's zips is challenging .
Hey have you ever been in a checkout line where they ask for your zipcode, even if you were paying with cash? I love to mess with them so I always answer " 02133 "; which is the statehouse on Beaconhill.