Leavenworth 10 about to make it 11, then 12

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Nov 19, 2012.

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    Well, another american military hero is about to stand trial for his actions in Iraq...

    U.S. soldier enters no plea in 2009 Iraq shootings - Yahoo! News

    Once his trial is over, he will be sent to Leavenworth to serve out life and bring the number to 11.

    Shortly afterwards, another trial for a US serviceman accused of a bloody rampage on civilians will take place and he took will be sent to leavenworth and take the count to 12.


  2. The Other Side

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    Looks like we are going to have a 14th resident alongside the Leavenworth 10 !!

    Another american hero charged with mulitiple counts of murder for killing afghanistan women and children while in a drunken rage.

    U.S. soldier referred to court martial in Afghan killings - Yahoo! News

    4 tours and now he claims he has post tramatic depression.

    He faces the death penalty in this CAPITOL MURDER case.


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    You seem to take great enjoyment in this don't you?
    The Leavenworth Ten are the most highly publicized. There are more. How many more doesn't matter and, no, I'm not gonna tell you.
    The fact that there are more tells me that the Leavenworth Ten aren't a bunch of drooling, psychotic thrill killers. There is something going on over there. That is a war zone, not a dinner party but then you wouldn't know anything about that because, if I recall correctly, your daddy was too young to have been in Vietnam which suggests that you haven't served in the military either.
    You seem to take great pleasure in defending your union brothers and sisters who have done :censored2: stuff in civilian life but you seem unwilling or unable to understand the stresses of war.
    The rules of engagement ordered by your president state that if an enemy combatant aims a weapon at one of our (not your) servicemen, that serviceman can not shoot until he has been fired on. No stress there.
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  5. The Other Side

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    What I take from this is the OPPOSITE of what YOU take from it. TWO unnecessary wars and a bunch of kids in uniform's with guns & DRUNK rampaging through two countries killing women and children.

    You call them hero's and make excuses for each of them. I call them MURDERS. Cold blooded MURDERS. I know of them all brother. NOBODY watches this more than I do. I have posted for years about them.

    But as you glorify each of them, I will bring you back down to earth.

    These are murderers. Whatever the reason, they took innocent lives. This soldier may not get the death penalty, but spending the rest of his life along side the rest of the murderers in Leavenworth is fine by me.

    You started this thread, and Im going to keep it filled with stories of murderers committed by our US servicepeople.


  6. The Other Side

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    In staff sgt Bales case, who pointed a weapon at him? 16 women and children killed in two remote villages. He was drunk, left the base and deliberately killed women and children in both villages, and you want to call that "STRESS"?

    How ridiculous.


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    If the soldier in the field is a murderer, then what are the people up the chain of command? How about the man at the top?

    Just sayin..........

    Oh and one other thing, I've also called Obama a mass murderer because he is!