Legal firearms in my car

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    Have any of you ever had anyone say anything regarding guns in your car in the UPS parking lot? I have a concealed carry permit, have carried for years. However some at UPS interpret the "no weapons in the facilities" rule to also apply to my vehicle. I can't keep a firearm for my personal protection on the way to work and the way home without storing it in my car while I'm at work. Any comments?
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    I suppose the company has some say in what comes on to their property and the parking lot is their property. What if someone steals it?

    I'd sure hate to think of guns in the cars of some of the wierdos, I mean fine people I work with.

    Is your area really so bad that you need such powerful protection to and from work? Man, I'd move.
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    Living halfway between the sticks and the boonies, there are a lot of hunters here. The HR guy stressed that guns are not allowed on UPS property, period. Not even in the lot in your car. Apparently there have been incidences of people getting disciplined for having a hunting rifle on a gun rack in their truck hahaha
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    If you put it in your glove compartment and lock your vehicle, how will they know you've got one. Case closed.
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    Howdy! I am also a sheriff's office deputy, fully trained, and licensed to carry and expected to do so while within the borders of my county. But not in my package car. I had asked the specific rules regarding these issues, but have been simply told that it isn't allowed, and I can not wear my brown shirt while involved in these call-out's. Since the sheriff's gig dosen't pay nearly as well as UPS, I follow their rules. So, if there becomes any reason for me to join in, they bring my gear to me at the scene, or I use someone else's. I am also an EMT, and the shirt thing goes with this off the clock time as well. I have taken "personal time" out while preforming these duties, but abided mostly (one time didn't), to the shirt thing, but it was the perfect ruse for the UPS guy to stroll into the bar with the old clip-board concealing the pistol and deflating the drunk brandishing his rifle. It's like taking a package that isn't yours home with you, is it really worth losing your job?
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    Depending on state laws, signage may be posted at your facility regarding firearms. If your facility has a sign banning weapons on UPS property, then they are complying with local laws and UPS policies.

    Ask your local Security department what applies to your facility.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    We have one driver who always parks outside the lot. One day I happened to get to the lot the same time this person was parking his car outside. I asked him how come you don't park in the lot when there are tons of open stalls? He told me he has a loaded Glock under his seat because his new wife's ex-husband is a jealous crazed madman. After hearing this I'm giving this guy a lot of room.....
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    Exactly, what they don't know can't hurt them. Its better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
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    Its not about living in a bad area or not, its about being prepared. I personally don't keep a gun in my car, but I don't fault those that do.
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    Here is my two cents worth. The company uses a double standard. If they do not allow firearms on the property, in your locked car, then they should be responsible for your car while it is in their parking lot. We have had many break ins during my career at UPS and the company basically says that it is not their problem. I consider this a double standard. If I can not bring a firearm onto your property, then you should be responsible for damage or break in into my car.

    What do you guys think?
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    I have worked in Security. At our hub-no guns on property. This means none in the parking lot in your vehicle. Sorry.
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  14. over9five

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    This is a typical case of corporate America believing they can usurp the Constitution of the United States of America. It is none of UPSs GD business what is in my car! The Constitution AND my state laws say I can keep a gun in my car, but UPS in it's typical overbearing way says no weapons on property. This is BS!

    That being said....... There is no way I would have a gun in my car on UPS property. If you like your job, you do what the boss says.

    I wonder what would happen if I was mugged/raped/battered/murdered in a UPS parking lot because I didn't have my gun. I think I would sue UPS for denying me my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!

    (I like that idea of parking off property)
  15. over9five

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    "Is your area really so bad that you need such powerful protection to and from work? Man, I'd move."

    Here is the reason for the sad state America is in today. Just move, don't do anything about the problem. Just let that problem grow and grow. What if your new neighbor hood gets bad? How many times do you move?
    Take a stand! Take your neighborhood back!
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    Steeltoe, I agree with you on this one. I work in the same building you do, and believe me, its not located in the best part of town. There is no way in the world that I would live in that county. I don't see anything wrong with keeping a weapon locked up in your own car. The security guards we have are a joke. All they do is sit at the guard gate checking IDs, I have never seen one patrolling the parking lot. They are unarmed, so what can they do anyway? There are shootings on a regular basis in the apartments surrounding our Hub, I don't see any reason that it is wrong to be able to defend yourself traveling to and from work. I don't carry myself, but I have several weapons within easy reach around my house.
  17. dillweed

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    Wish I had as much confidence in the system as you have. Feel that self defense is hard to prove and would hate to be on trial for blowing away some fool who tried to steal my car.

    I did like the comment about it being better to be tried by 12 than carried by six.

    Hope I didn't offend anyone with my comments. I re-read them and they were close minded.
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    It'd be nice to see more politicians try to get things thru like Bob Barr is trying to do...

    Here' an excerpt about a HB that is trying to remove the ability of employers from trumping the 4th amendment

    " It simply would prevent an employer from stopping any of its employees from keeping a lawful firearm in his or her locked vehicle while parked in an employee parking lot or garage that is open to the public. Parking lots not open to the public or those connected with a Defense Department contractor or the military, would not be covered by the legislation"


    "Shootings in workplace parking lots are extremely rare, and gun crimes in the workplace are almost always committed by non-employees and usually in the commission of a robbery. The small percentage committed by current or former employees in almost every instance could not or would not have been prevented by a workplace restriction on firearms inside locked vehicles."
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    I read the article link that was provided by huskres. I found this part interesting...

    "In July 2003, Lockheed Martin employee Doug Williams abruptly left a training session at the company's Meridian, Miss., plant and retrieved a shotgun and semiautomatic rifle from his truck in the employee parking lot.

    He opened fire on employees, killing six and wounding eight.

    Afterward, authorities retrieved three more guns from his truck.

    “Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common event,” said Brian Siebel, senior attorney at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “A gun is available in the parking lot for an employee who may be unstable and who reaches a snapping point. This should be a no-brainer.”

    IF any job could push someone to the breaking point..its UPS!!!
  20. toonertoo

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    If you never use it who will ever know, and if you use it, I would assume a person with a carry permit, would use it only when threatened with bodily harm or death, unlike the gangs who run around with guns.
    I dont take mine to work either, its not the too and from, its the work day when I would feel the need for protection, and Im not carrying at work.

    Thats always the attitude, quit, leave, avoid, no one wants to fight for anything, they just want to lay down and be pushed around. That is why the world is in decay, one of Over9fives favorite words. Before frivolous lawsuits, lack of respect in kids, with parents who back up the little troublemakers, none of this would be an issue. I know I used to fear anyone seeing me do something wrong, coz someone who knew my Dad would tell him. Today there is no fear, and no worry of whats going to happen if I do this stupid thing. Neighborhoods were kept together and in tact by responsible people who beat their kids when they needed it for small things, and it never escalated to whats happening now. Now you cant touch a kid who is defacing your property, and if you try to talk to the parents, you might as well forget that also. While I never lose a moments sleep over gangbangers getting shot, I wish they all would, I fear for the innocents who always seem to be "in the way". A Kid walking home from school, playing in their yard, etc. Decay is an excellent word. Which is why the carry permits are very big now. Back when people just had them normally, part of life, there were not the problems there are now, I think things are coming full circle. Only now its not cattle wrestlers, or Indians, its thugs.