Let me hear your UPS stories: funny, scary, interesting

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    I am starting a project and I would love to have some help from all of you. We all know we have a unique job where we see, hear and experience some pretty unique things. I know I have a few and I am only one person with 15 years out there. I would appreciate it if anyone had a strory or experience that they could share with me. I would like to gather all of them and put them all together in the future. Thanks in advance for your help. You can send any response to mcdow_enterprises@yahoo.com. Thanks again

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    Re: Resi Delivery Observations

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    I was delivering embalming fluid to a funeral home one day. The owner opened the door and let me and told me to take the boxes down the hall, third door on the left. I said sure, no problem. I walk down the hall and turn left at the third door. Then I freeze.... In front of me are two dead bodies, on tables. One male, one female. Both naked. I'm thinking this must be some sort of mistake. They can't possibly expect me to come in here with dead bodies. The relatives of these people would be mortified! As I'm backing out of the room, the owner comes racing down the hall, out of breath. "I meant the second door on the left! The second door!"
    We both apologized profusely and I never went to the third door on the left again.
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    Re: Resi Delivery Observations

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    How bout this for scary?

    Applied off the street in 1978 because construction (earthmoving) was going downhill, locally. Been here, now, for 31 years. Now, THAT'S scary!!!!

    AND, stupid!
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    kind of funny depending on what side your on.
    well it was 2 weeks after my training and i was put to sort on a belt30 feet above the ground, so im working regularly kind of light flow and i feel something on my leg im guessing its a package that fell of the belt i look and dont see anything look down further through the metal grid and dont see anything on the ground. at that point im thinking ok what the hell just happened so i shrug it off and start sorting again then i feel the samething felt like a hand grabbing me sure enough i see an arm reaching at my leg then it leaves im scared and thinking *** was that where did that come from. i check it was my training supervisor on a beam laughing his ass off at me. he used the belt below to climb on to the beam to reach me as the belt below is too far away wich is why he couldnt really get me the first time.
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    A couple years back I went to a baseball game out of town with a few coworkers. We came back the next night to learn of a tragedy that happened in the yard. A woman was struck by a feeder and killed. This happened right next to one of the outdoor break areas at the same time we would have been there if we had not been at the game. Other people from our crew saw it happen...just sickening.
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    i hope he atleast kept 3 points of contact when he did this

    oh wait hes management he can do whatever the hell he wants
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    only reason i didn't say anything besides ppl laughing at me for getting scared like i did was because he's good friends with my brother but he just comes walking the rollers and laughs at me some more the other that was sorting with me was just looking at both of us like we were crazy cause he didn't know what just happened.
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    My one and only day driving a package route in my 35 years at UPS.
    Started as a furniture helper back in 1958 for a store called Bambergers now macy's where the drivers thought helpers were no better then (tie ropes) on the truck.
    In the early 60's a snow storm hit my area and UPS held deliveries for that day.The next day at the furniture barn that I was working my manager said the package center near us needed drivers and since I was gung ho about wanting to drive I said I will go.I still remember this day and will never forget it.
    A cold winter day 10 degrees and I never drove a package car before.The car was pre loaded and the manager said I will have no problem because the route was a wholesale route with 65 stops and I would have only 4 main streets to deliver to. Well I started on the street that i knew. A main street cars double and triple parked because of the snow piles all the offices were upstairs in the buildings.(walkups).
    10 degrees and i was sweating my ass off. It took me 3 hours to do 5 stops so I went to lunch at a local diner.Took 2 hours to warm up.
    Let me cut this short!
    I got in at 10pm and brought back 30 stops and the boss say's to me his son could have done a better job so I told him "next time call your son" That was my first and last time in a package car. Went to UPS trailer school and drove trailers 25 years. In New Joisey.
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    this was going to be my post but circa 1993 and because I just plain needed a job when i was 18.
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    I was driving down 495 with a set o' pups about 2 in the morning. A car pulls alongside my tractor. Interior light comes on. A woman driving completely.....

    What rating do these stories have to have?? Is "XX" ok?
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    What I would give to trade seats with you. :happy2:

    Uh, wait, that didn't come out quite right. I just mean that I would rather be in feeder. :wink2:
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    What town was that in? I think I may know her.
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    you dont want that

    i hear those feeder seats are uncomfortable...they have to have leaf springs underneath them to support the weight of the driver
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    Just curious:

    Can feeder drivers bring along a comfy cushion to sit on ??
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    That is funny but yeah, I really do want to go to feeder. It just so happens that I am not in a ctr that has a feeder dept and the only way I can do it is to go to our other ctr and I am not willing to do that. That and my seniority, or lack there of, prohibits it happening any time soon. :dissapointed:
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    I got rear ended by a bicycle on the way in one night (in stop and go traffic) Poked my head out the door and asked if he was alright. He said he was. The next Monday I saw the guy in a mailroom, he said his front wheel was toast.