letter of intent for supe pos.

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by pkg handler, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. pkg handler

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    Ok so I got the job all I need is a letter of intent showin that I'm inter3ested... any key points I should hit ... sry..hard to type on a handheld..thanks
  2. pkg handler

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    No one ....? Any points I should hit ...use vast grammar and wordplay ?
  3. Channahon

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    Here's some tips:

    Why do you want the job
    What qualities will you bring to the job
    Your educational status - currently attending school or graduated
    What degree you have if you have completed school
    Any committee meetings or activities
    Future goals with UPS

    You can leave out the vast grammar and wordplay, as that will be perceived as smoke and mirrors.
  4. unless you would consider fed ex, I hear its a must have quality for all upper management there :wink2:
  5. Jumperwire

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    Yea....You want to hear an hourly's opinion. Stay part time until a fulltime driving job comes your way. Stay as a fulltime driver until a feeder job comes along take that make about $70-$85k a year, not pay for your benefits, get into a 401k, after 30 years retire fat and happy while collecting your pension and give this same advise to somebody else because I will be dead by then!!!!! If you go the management route get use to working more hours than you are getting paid for and you will have to pay for your benefits and have a god awlfull prescription plan. The moral of the story is stay in the union and be happy!!!:peaceful:
  6. Stated perfectly!!! I was a part time sup for 5 years after preloading for 1 year. Biggest waste of my time and my seniority.Told me to drive for 1 peak season in order to get full-time promotion.Made my book and never had any intention on going back into management. I'm now a driver for the past 15 years and trust me dont make the mistake that I made.They will use and abuse you and you will have to take it with a smile. Next time I sell my soul it will be for a good reason....DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    unfortunately, the new mgt who will run the company in the future will not have all of the "perks" that you enjoyed. Sometimes headaches are a little more easy to cope with when you know in the back of your mind that you will be getting something worthwild at the end of the month, or year. The supervisors who are coming on now wont get nearly as much stock, as good of medical, or even the chance of promotion, probably among other things that you had. Not really sure where the next generation of mgt will be coming from?
  8. trplnkl

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    I do, from the OMS ranks. I'm tellin you some of these people are real jerks and think they not only run the center but think they own the center. Our ever genius center manager just promoted one of our OMSes to ON CAR, with his (the OMS) vast experience answering the phone is qualified to supervise 10-15-30 year drivers. Yeaboy, brilliant move.
  9. filthpig

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    I would include some horribly worded and grammatically slaughtered memos. Also, some pictures you've colored. Maybe your connect-the-dots journal. And get an "executive" type haircut. Shine those shoes! That's what they appear to look for here.
  10. pkg handler

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    Wow didn't really realize how the job was looked upon around here. All my friends who are supes say its great and the pay increase could be greatly needed I'm resuming school in fall so I'm not sure how long ill be at ups longterm anyway.... all I have to do now is the test the position is waiting but I haven't heard what the test consist of ....?
  11. Harley Rider

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    Not sure why you would have to write a letter for p/t management. They are always begging for p/t supes here. All you have to do is be able to breathe and walk. I couldn't count how many I have seen come and go in the last 15 years. Management always promises that they will be given the opportunity to go to full time driving but it never happens. First they have to find someone to replace you and then they have to train someone else. They don't want the hassle. At least that has always been the problem here.

    From what I have read and been told you will not be able to advance into full time management unless you have a college degree. You'll be stuck in p/t hell unless you can actually get into a full time drivers position.
  12. toonertoo

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    Brown and down you really should register, and welcome to the site.!!!
    If I didnt know better, I would think I wrote this............
    Still my opinion although I have been told it has gotten better.
    8 yrs pt, 6 pt sup, learned alot , lost alot, driver for 15 yrs. dont do it unless you are doing it for the experience and plan to move on.
  13. paidslave

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    Yup waste of time unless you need the part time hours like around 7 a day! Full time driver is near 11 or 12 daily and can be more than that if you are full time management!