Changing positions (letter of intent)


I'm trying to switch from sorting packages on local sort to moving package cars around and gassing them up. It is the same shift would just be a different position. I haven't seen any posting in the building about them needing anyone but was told they need people for it. Asked my steward and was told to write a letter of intent? I have not talked to management yet as I doubt they will let me move positions because nobody else knows the sort. My back can't handle fighting a belt without cutting it off constantly to sort packages. How does one change positions and what is a letter of intent? There are new hires being hired into easier positions and I have seniority over most part timers on my shift. Can management keep my in my position even if I have seniority and want to change positions?

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If you’re really good at what you do, especially somewhere like the sort aisle good luck trying to move. I would talk to your manager one on one. Let him know your situation. Sometimes they’re willing to move people it just depends. Also, to my understanding they got rid of HR, so it all goes through them now.


Can management keep my in my position even if I have seniority and want to change positions?
No. But you have to make sure they know you want to move. Either by signing a sheet or submitting a letter of intent, preferably a copy to your sup and the car wash sup. Your management will fight tooth and nail but once you tell them you want to move, they have to move you before hiring from outside or moving someone with less seniority.


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How serious are you willing to make this move? If you got balls you go to your Full time supervisor and tell him you either move into the position or your going to quit UPS all together. Trust me they don't want to lose anyone right now and now is the time to utilize your leverage. If you wait until after peak they won't have any incentive to move you. If they call your bluff your still in the same position you are now.


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in my building those jobs like shifting, car parking, clerk, hazmat audit, etc. are usually bid by seniority and sometimes require a schedule change depending on the positions like M-friend or T-S. Find out where your building posts their bid sheets or talk to someone who does the job now how they got it.