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    Hey I have been researching everything for my letter of intent into management, I just can't seem to figure out who I give this to. Do I mail it to the hub? Or should I just put a sheet of paper in a envelope and submit that to my part-time supe.
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    You should go through the TMS link to fill out the information. Everything is computerized now, there is no actual physical letter. The only way to access the TMS area is through the link for My Mapp on a UPS computer.
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    Just give it to me. Sometimes on those rural route u just gotta go and not all drivers keep tp in the truck. I'll make good use of it promise.
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    go to your FT supe and tell him you want to go into management, it's all online now
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    Wouldn't giving him/her the letter of intent serve the same purpose?
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    Are you sure you are ready for Management, you will be in a whole different world at UPS, the pay vs the stress, think carefully and research this forum before you dive.
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    Great advice. I am not management, but sometimes observe their requirements from higher. It is NOT a cake walk.
    I would want no part of it myself. But if you are determined and believe you can fit in and do well, go for it.
    To me it was like past military tour. You have Officers and Enlisted. Officers catch much grief.
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    call the union they will walk you thru it
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    Fed Ex it !
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    Ask the current sups how much they love their jobs first. Weigh the pros and cons. My advice, your absolutely nuts!! If it was 15 years ago, then maybe. Today, a career in management is a death sentence.
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    You think you have problems now?
    Go into management and see what happens.
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    Go to the "partners" sub forum and ask current management what they think you should do. You might get some insight as to why the majority of these posts say you're making a mistake.


    Jackburton is correct check the sups. opinions, I will give you my reason as I spent 5 years as PT Local Sort Sup., I had 5 different managers in that 5 years, I had an awesome core, my guys were great, we had no injuries in 5 years and never once did we get commended for it, the pay is o.k. for PT, when I started as PT sup after being Hrly. the insurance was fair at $11 a week, we got 1/2 months pay as a bonus, by the time I left the Bonus was gone, the insurance was at $55 a week for family, that does not sound like a lot but for a PT job it is, it got to the point to where I had to cancel the insurance, the deductibles are high, you are under so much more stress I had managers get in my face, belittle me you name it, I loved my job but when you change managers 5 times you take a chance because one may know about the front line and the other may be a hand me down from hr or security. I went in because they told me that if I took the position it would escalate my chances to go Driving sooner, that was a bold faced lie and all of the sacrifice I did for the company was for not, hope that helps your decision by reading my story.