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    my uncle is wondering if he can buy life insurance through ups? He isnt a employee so I wasnt 100% sure if he could or not..thanks for your time.
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    I would think not. I think life insurance is handled through UPS's benefit program. But, I've been wrong before. -Rocky
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    I doubt it. For your information the day you retire, you no longer have UPS life insurance. You can buy a comparable plan for one hell of a price through Prudential. Now I am only referring to employees, do not know about retired management. Another question, how many management people ever get a chance to retire?
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    It is the same for hourly and management. Prudential bills quarterly and you may have it debited to your checking account if you wish to.
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    Speaking of life insurance reminds me of an incident that happened in the Center I drove out of.

    We had a operation report clerk, which was a Teamster job. He was married with two small children. His wife decided she didn't want to be married to him and filed for divorce. He got custody of the children in the divorce settlement.

    The ex-wife moved to Florida and re-married a year later. The clerk remained single, living with his mother who helped raise his children.

    Several years later the clerk developed brain cancer and passed away. It was a tragic situation

    When the time came to settle his estate, it turned out that he had never changed the beneficiary on his life insurance and Thrift Plan. His re-married ex-wife was still listed as his beneficiary. The Ex recieved it all, leaving his two small children (ages 8 and 6) with nothing. His elderly mother got custody of the children, because the Ex didn't want them.

    If that wasn't bad enough, a month after the Ex recieved the insurance and Thrift Plan monies, she was killed in an auto accident. Guess who then recieved those monies. Right...The Ex's NEW HUSBAND, still leaving the clerks children with nothng.

    I post this incident as a reminder for everyone to be sure that the person you wish to be your beneficiary in the event of your death, is, in fact, listed as such.

    Whenever your situation changes (divorce or death of current beneficiary) PLEASE take the time to make sure your estate will go to the person you want it to.

    I know death is not a pleasant subject to discuss on this site, but it is a necessary one.
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    Excellent point Vette. We had a driver that died a couple years ago, same thing, never changed his beneficiary. The Ex wife was in the building within hours of his death looking “for her money”. Those are her words.
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    Good point! Am taking care of that as we speak! Am remarried to an angel and would not want any of that to happen to her or the kids.

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    Life insurance pays off triple if you die on a business trip.