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    Here is a list of integrity failures that have been reported to I by a reliable contact.

    For the sake of this discussion integrity failures will be loosely defined as chronically, knowingly, blatantly and intentionally doing the wrong thing according to UPS and Teamster standards for whatever reasons and then covering it up by doing it "by the book" when being audited.

    Mistakes do not count as integrity failures, everyone makes mistakes.

    Integrity failures have been reported in the following areas:

    First Responders

    Recycling Program


    Part-time supervisors working

    Progressive discipline

    Over 70 handling


    UPS Policy

    Package handling

    Handling of smalls

    Fueling spills

    Fuel drop procedures

    storm water pollution protection plan

    shop steward failures

    unknown substances clean up


    Conveyor pre-trip post-trip

    Conveyor repair

    Conveyor inspection

    irreg tug driver

    mirror and window cleaning

    auto mechanics

    load stands

    safety committee

    keter audit

    audits in general

    parking violations

    driver release

    designated walkway

    door chain

    My contact has committed to report these integrity failures and I will occasionally report them here.

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    Go crazy
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    A logical, rational person would deduce that integrity is an invalid concept based on this feedback.

    ​What is your deduction?
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    This country and this company is in need of a savior.

    Meaning that the individuals living and working for profits above truth and integrity in the country and within the company need a savior.

    What does a company of individuals profit if they gain the whole world yet lose their souls?

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    Money talks and the Teamsters might walk..............No workers...No profits!!
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    I (me, myself) decided a long time ago not to respond to anymore of your (the guy who calls himself integrity) posts, but this post takes the proverbial cake. You imagine yourself to be a savior? You, my friend, are delusional, at the very least.
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    Yawn. That's pretty much any center/hub/office/etc. I'm fine with you wanting to address issues. And wanting to reach discourse about them. But we can't with your ever encompassing posts. Do you want "real" discussion about things, or just a "pound my chest and feel holier than thou" type deal?
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    Conveyor Pre and Post trip. If my conveyors start leaving........I'm delusional

    On the other hand, you put up a list of "integrity failures" that pretty much makes up every aspect of our job. If these failures freak you out so much, maybe you should quit and go be an "Integrity" speaker. Although I don't think you'd get many paying gigs.
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    Don't worry I don't view your going back on your decision as an integrity failure.

    It is my opinion that personal attacks are not productive on discussion forums.

    I think you can do better. Try responding to the thread.

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    Perhaps Jesus could save UPS if only we prayed hard enough. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, is there an ultimate goal you hope to achieve by starting these threads? What are you trying to accomplish? Do you believe your "talking" about it here will solve anything?
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    Harry Manback,

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    That's cool!
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    I hope you turned in the personal (sex) request form in!!!If you didn't you may get denied!!!
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    "'all the world is indeed a stage and we are but merely players,performers and portrayers,each anothers audience outside the guilded stage."
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    ​And furthermore, will asaid activities be performed on OSHA approved facilities?
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    Also put it in as a two minute break. You don't want to get fired for stealing time!!Don't forget your green vest . Safety first!!......Use your power zone!!!!No (rear)end range motions!!!!!!!!
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