Local 177 Election?

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    I'm starting to get the feeling that there actually may be an election this year? Anybody know anything about the slate that is forming. I hear it is called the Time For Change slate. Is this for real? 177er
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    Obama ran on the Hope and Change slate and look how real that has turned out---really bad.
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    yea from what i hear now there's 2 slates being formed
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    Thanks! I have found a site for one of them: http://www.time4change177.com. Is ther one for the other? Does anyone know??
  5. They are not coming out of the closet till Mid Sept. Not giving the rank and file long to decide. I read that page. Are they going for local or national. Seems they are saying they are going to change the contract and put part timers in the Teamster pension. They also state they are going to stop supervisors from working. I am sure no one tried to stop sups from working.
    They think it's easy to go up against the Management say pay this claim and management will say oh yes right away. Thank you for asking. Here's your money. They are going to get the 8.50 per hour to be raised! Also make our raises back to just one time a year. As I said before show me who you are before mid Sept why wait? It's all around, who is running I just want to hear from the people.
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    I read that too!. I also don't want to hear what they are going to do. I want to hear how they are going to do it. What's their plan?? They better come up with more than that web page. I also want to hear from the current Executive Board. What are they going to do to change. I hope they don't feel like they are doing that good of a job that they don't need to make changes. They need to make changes. They actually may lose this election if only one slate runs against them.
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    I see the national UPS docket and these guys are far and away the most represented as far as the number of grievances that are on it. I realize there are other members employed at other companies (at least I would assume so) that they represent, but what exactly is anyone's problem with these guys?

    I would be happy as hell if our Local would take UPS on the way these guys do. I am sure that UPS pushes back just as hard, but at least Local 177 is doing something both inside AND outside of the grievance procedure to fight back...Let's hear the issues...
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    catchy name , that may be the first time its ever been used.:happy2:
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    Local 177 is held in high regards by myself. They stand up for the members and take many cases to panel. Many UPS employees would kill to have the representation that you have.

    Look here.

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    I hear ( from feeder drivers ) that Local 177 is a good "members first local" and that some of the BS that goes on in our hub would never be tolerated by the good people from Hillside.What is happening up there ?
    Your Neighbor from Exit 3
  11. Whats going on at Exit 10 LOL. Everyone is right here on BC, the Executive board we have now is rocking. I am proud to say they are my Union! I stand behind them 100000 percent. Just like they stand by the rank and file. People don't get to see what goes on behind closed doors when they go toe to toe with UPS. It's not an easy job. I have seen the Executive Board go so toe to toe with UPS so hard that Our EB toes are in their shoes. Oh I crack myself up. Really, I hope everyone goes to the general meeting on Sunday. In the famous words of AL Bundy " Let's Rock" ...
  12. Originally Posted by Gr8fulMark
    Princess as i Stated I am not running
    does not mean i am not involved helping people run an election
    I didn't send out that email
    I am just one voice of many
    There will be a platform on key issues
    Hopefully we can organize a debate
    The issues will be put out in websites and mailings not on this forum
    we can discuss them if you want when they are released

    Yes they made something up about me and have approached numerous others about taking there jobs away from them and taking it personal so and so on

    The issues of what can be done to help with on going issues
    not dragging the current board down
    if you already decided on who you are voting for thats fine
    some others are keeping an open mind till September

    I think there may be 2 other tickets running so there should be a lot of questions coming from all of us
    enjoy your weekend

    I am in agreement with you and people running should come out at least in there own buildings


    So now that the meeting is over and YOU ARE RUNNING! It seems your starting your Platform with LIES. Oh yeah you stood up at the last meeting crying "I'M NOT RUNNING" You professed that you were not running here. All along you knew we knew everyone knew you were running. Remember when you were a shop steward and the reason you quit being one was that well I say it like a lady. "All these A holes (the drivers) were bothering you and asking stupid questions." What do you think is going to happen now. Bahhhhahahahahaa let the games begin. UNGRATEFUL Mark. The union just won a MULTI million dollar lawsuit for the clerks. Each one getting a HELLA lotta money. Makes one wish we were clerks at the time. So sad too bad. So now we are suppose to trust you vote for you. When you were too busy either hiding from the world so no one would ask questions? OR you just plain out fibbed to all the Rank and File when you were called out and the last GM. You gave us all a good laugh today thank you I needed it. Have a hamburger enjoy the BBQ.
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    What happened at the meeting today?
  14. It was the Nominations for who is running. Mark said many time's in another post that he is not running and that he just want's to get the word out. Even at the last general meeting when someone asked him if he was running he stood up and yelled. " I am not running" you figure you could take a man at his word. That is the kind of people I want and HAVE in my Local right now. People who's word is bond. We also had a BBQ on a lighter note even in the rain.
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    Is he part of a slate or is he running solo? Did the time for change slate materialize?
  16. He is the one who keeps talking about the time for change group. Like I said swore he was not running. Yet today he said he is running. How do you lie, hold back the truth or what ever you want to call it. You want people to trust you and the time for a change folk then you should not have lied or held back the truth. I find that not something you can trust. I mean come on, If i need you are you just going to say something then bam change your mind or just tell me you are going to do it to shut me up I don't get it.
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    I don't necessarily see a full national docket as a sign of local strength. It might just be showing an inability to work things out locally. It may actually be a sign of local weakness. I just want to hear from them as to how they are going to get better and be better.
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    It seems at the local level grievances get filed, the company continues the violation for 6 mo or so till the local arbitrator hearing. The union "wins" the grievance, the next week the company continues to violate the contract. What got won? Particularly in instances that don't end up costing the company any money.
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    bbq was great too bad the timeforchange slate stands no chance excutive board all the way
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    How is this for working things out locally, the Executive Board recently setteled a grievance on behalf of the clerks without going to arbitration and the result was a mere 3 1/2 million dollars to be divided among the clerks (some getting as much as $25,000.00) and the addition of 20 new fulltime jobs created under local contract language not national.