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    I've been a loader at UPS since August 2008. In the last few months, my supervisors have moved me around so much that I've done 13 pulls just this year on my boxline. I've done even more when you add the ones I've done on other boxlines. My start times change hourly and the ones posted for the week are irrelevant when my supervisors call me and tell me to do a completely different pull at a completely different time around 8pm when I'm about to go to sleep. But then I get to work and they tell me I'm late and I have to go somewhere else on another pull that I should've started an hour earlier. So of course I'm late, my supervisors told me to come in then and I can't turn back time. Also, I have two supervisors telling me different things, different times, where to be. Sometimes I do two pulls a day then go to the slide and help other loaders and do irregs and pop bags. Then when I get misloads it's all my fault even when the load charts aren't even up. My local 322 is a weak union and can't/won't do anything to help me. Sometimes I'm not even on the schedule because my supervisor "forgot." So I don't know where I'm supposed to be or when I'm supposed to be there. I've already been suspended for 10 days due to misloads and am in the process of being terminated. I don't want to lose my job. What recourse do I have? My union rep says none.
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    Don't misload
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    Also all the misloads I get are from add cuts I do not have time to move due to my being shuffled around all day every day. Even drivers say sups are messing with me but my union rep is neither sympathetic nor empathetic. I do not get help either, until the very end if at all when everything is already stacked out and I'm drowning.
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    If your local union is truly weak your options are limited other than voting your union reps out of office at the next election. In regard to getting moved around and having to do different pulls, there is nothing you can do about that other than work as directed, work safe, and do your best not to misload. Regarding your start times changing, contractually there are rules to follow on this, but if your union is weak your options are limited. I would recommend reading the national contract as well as your local supplement so that you know the rules and can intelligently file grievances as well as confront your local business agent as to why they are not enforcing the contract.
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    When you refer to your union rep are you referring to your Steward or your Local Business Agent?
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    My steward.
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    May want to take it a bit higher. With almost 5 years in you must have enough seniority to have a steady job.