Local 804 pulls safety committee's

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    UPS management contacted Local 804 and a short meeting was held to brief the company about the union’s concerns about the company’s “blame the worker” approach to safety problems.
    lOCAL 804 discussed proposals with management about improvements that can be made to put the focus on eliminating the hazards that cause injuries and accidents and to provide union members with an equal voice in addressing safety concerns.
    The ball is in the company’s court. We are hopeful that our concerns will be addressed. For now, Local 804 has not agreed to the scheduling of any Safety & Health meetings in any buildings
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    The IBT needs to do this nationwide.

    Union members should not be participating in sham "safety committees" that do nothing but allow the company to pretend that it is doing something about safety.
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    What has the Local 804 leadership done to ensure that the National Contract is being followed?

    As stated before, there is a contract regarding Safety Committees.

    The Local Union Leaders should have direct oversight of what goes on in the Safety Committee.

    Has the Local 804 leaders reached out to the IBT for help?

    It would seem to me that shutting down Safety Committees, which are collectively bargained for Nationally, should only be done as a last resort.

    What are some of the specific problems that your local is having?

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    Thank you so much for all you bring to discussions.

    The national contract allows for union members who seek to serve on the safety committee to do so, only after the Local Union Leadership's approval.

    This is intended to ensure that strong union members are approved and that known management sympathizers are not approved.

    It is a shame that Local Union Leaders have allowed the company to take over the safety committees.

    The National Contract is clear, not gray, in this area.

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    We have issues also, we are sitting down this week to see what
    we can do to fix our problems. If not the safety committee
    said they will stop doing all activities.
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    I was told by my BA that a letter was sent to the IBT and a phone call was made to hall but no response.
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    This matter should addressed by the National UPS/IBT Safety and Health Committee.(Article 18 Section 20.1).

    These safety committee issues should be brought to National UPS/IBT Safety and Health Grievance Committee(Atricle 18 20.2).

    Have the local Union leaders been taking these obvious wide spread safety committee contract violations to the National Panel?

    If so, where can I find some of the panel decisions?

    If the Local Union Leaders are not filing grievances to National on these issues, they should.

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    National Grievance Panel Dockets and Decisions are here . . .

    The Panel will meet March 7 thru 9, and their Decisions should be posted a week or so later.
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    Is there an udate to this problem? Has the IBT responded at all? Could Local 804 face some sort of NLRB charge from UPS?
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    Tim S , local 804's President, is still in negotiations with UPS management on this. Until the union's issues are brought up in these "safety" committees, issues like fatigue, nothing is going to happen.
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    They have also notified osha of this move and the reason why for the action.
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    Does anyone know what the IBT's stance is on this issue? Are there other Locals following this path?
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    most people dont want to get involved in safety so lets not critisize those who do
    hey i'm a shop steward and guess what I believe


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    Safe by chance, not by choice.

    I wonder if anyone has legimately worked 20 or 30 years at UPS (hourly work) and never once been injured?

    A few weeks ago was talking with methods to a co-woker. I said following the methods is the best way to work at UPS. the ex co-chair (only ex because our local union quit participating) said "methods are for P*****, company people"
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    Gentleman he/ she who does not get on the payroll for safety is an idiot. They Pay you to sit and listen to their bs ( overtime...) they can't make you learn it but you can sure f em up when there is an audit and you don't know the safety stuff..... Your mgr will be in a sling over that one. Try it you'll enjoy it.
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    If you worked as hard delivering as you do trying to beat the system you would be employee of the month.