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A 4’diameter clear liquid is left on the floor from a previous shift there no way of knowing what this substance is.

What are you steps?
Well I don't have my old responder materials handy since I had to take them into work today after a deplorable performance by 3 different sups last Friday that clearly displayed no sense of knowledge of proper training regarding the leaking package procedures. But if memory serves, after putting on the PPE(that I likely don't have access to) you're supposed to PH Test it(with testing strips I'm almost certain aren't where they should be), consult the PH to determine the proper response sheet(either Corrosive or Flammable I believe) and go from there.

Let me be very clear, I know the steps, to consult the handbook/decision tree/response sheets/etc. And I know there are resources I can turn to, again I spent as much time if not more filing both OSHA and Local Union grievances then I did entering data into ETT for damage tracking/reporting. This post was mainly targeting how to 'manage management' when they repeatedly, flagrantly and unsafely get in the way of the processes.

Going back to what I said above about Friday, there were 2 small leakers(not actively leaking through the package but well soaked, no clear markings, no way to determine contents) that our newest sup who has been told not to just grabbed, sniffed and set aside without telling anyone. One of them was grabbed, 'placed' in the hopper and smashed before it even got through the small sort process(the packaging was distinct) and turned out to be some foaming cleaning spray with a broken nozzle that made a much larger mess then was necessary. The other was lens cleaning solution. Then we had an active leaker in a smalls bag that we shut down the belt that feeds the small sort area waiting for a responder, instead a sup who should know better grabs a decrepit tub, grabs the bag swinging it wide(causing a fair arc of run off and 'splashing' our clerk) and dumps it into the tub(this one stinks of vinegar/cheap wine, was actively leaking from 2 spots in the bag and made a fair mess on the belt) and still instead of waiting a responder the new sup from above grabs a roll of toilet paper, sops up the mess and instructs to restart the belt(not sure where he threw away the soggy TP at but I'm guessing the nearby rarely emptied trash can) fortunately it turned out to be apple cider vinegar but that wasn't determined for over 10 mins as the bag leaked into the tub, the tub leaked through a small set of rollers on the floor or an elevated work area that people also work under and could potentially leak through(and onto the very nearby electric outlet that I made sure to check before leaving).

And honestly this is really par for the course on my sort, the former RMP(or so I've been told) is the only one that displays any awareness of the methods and how to handle things though even he misses a few steps. Barehanding leakers, setting them aside uncontained, leaving them laying about till a responder gets there and rarely cleans up any spillage on other surfaces/packages/etc. We just recently had an DART injury where an employee grabbed a set aside leaker and suffered light chemical burns on his hands because no one communicated that it was a leaker and was simply left set aside with no effort to mark or otherwise indicate why it's there(I've been told that package complete disappeared even though they reacted to it 'within 5 mins tops' according to a sup). This could have easily happened with any of the above leakers but I wouldn't be quite so motivated if a sup did that to themselves as they shouldn't be handling packages in the first place.

Apologies if that was addressed but it's a long read
I am considering applying again once the current PT responder quits, I simply want to go into it better prepared with what I should know and be doing then I did last time.


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I dont understand why responders dont get more money say 5 dollars an hour more......maybe in the next contract Sean will get the money responders rate..


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I dont understand why responders dont get more money say 5 dollars an hour more......maybe in the next contract Sean will get the money responders rate..
I think this does make sense.

Did you put a contract proposal in?

I suggest you submit one for next contract if you didn’t,