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    I work on the local sort, we have about 11 people working this sort. Our pt sup tells us that you dont get to choose your job based on seniortity. He says that the small sort is the only job that is picked by seniorty. Is this true. He will take brand new employees and give them a more preferred job over someone whos been there for several years. He said he can put anyone at any position anytime (other than the 1 small sorter).
  2. What are they other 10 jobs on youre sort ? Regardless of what the jobs are if you have seniority you should just file and this will solve problems ! Also the small sorter job is as follows the most senior will be given 1st crack at the job and so forth but this is considered a skilled position .
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    See Brown it's like this. The company has this little phrase they like to use liberally. It's "Work as directed". Because they use this phrase so liberally many a sup has come to believe that they have god like powers and can make you do whatever they want even if it violates our contract. Now what you have to do to put these god-like sups back in their place is to file grievances. Filing grievances takes time, patience and persistance, but it works. :happy-very:
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    Hey I also work on the local sort and this one particular sup called this kid with less senority then me and give him the day off. Aint they supposed to ask in senority order if people want to go home? And if so where at in the contract is this so I can file! Oh sorry Brown 710 for jacking your thread I just thought this was a good place for this question.
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    Anything and everything that is done from the employees point of view is based on seniority. Seniority rules all.
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    As to your question if your in the central region look in the supplemental agreement section 11 pg 181
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    Brown,,I also work in a small center and the way we do it is the the more seniority the better the job. As for smalls it is a bid job and you know how that works. As far as taking off,,if they need someone to go home theey are supposed to ask from thew top and them force from the bottom. At least thats how it is in our center,,but our PT Sup like to let his little buddies off before asking some of us senoir guys.
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    Yea thats what ours is doing letting his buddies go first. Were going to have a talk with him today about it. Im trying to find an article to cite though. I have to be close with the one I gave Brown but I just aint seeing it.
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    If it is a bid job, it goes by seniority. Seniority is good for bidding vacations, routes and other bid jobs. Also seniority works before casuals in that classifacation. Also, seniority employees have the option of staying on the clock to finish over less senior employees. As for sending someone home or calling in to work, seniority prevails. Always been lier this in my center. However sups try to do what they want but are constantly corrected on a daily basis.