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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by tieguy, Apr 4, 2002.

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    "I almost fainted when I saw the agreement, but those "greedy pilots" are going to vote it down. Go to ipa.org. for update. Now back to the "greedy mechanic", we are asking for a fair contract, thats it, whether it seems outragous to you or not"

    I understand a fair contract and I understand your desire to be the best compensated in the industry. My understanding is this offer would have accomplished both. Looking at the details I'm not at all sure why anyone would refuse it. It appears to be very generous. It seems a little outrageous to ask for so much more at a time when the airline industry is reeling.
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    It would have been a fair contract for most airlines, but UPS is a trucking company, and I want to be compensated for making this company a sucess. The company and union will meet April 27 and 28 with new proposals, mainly a fair wage and pension increases.
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    Heaven forbid that the UNION negotiate an agreement based upon the NEEDS of both the company and the employees.

    The GOLDEN GOOSE can be strangled to death, and then there will be no GOLDEN EGGS for anyone - the company, the employees, nor the shipping public.
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    Your post says "and I want to be compensated for making this company a sucess. "
    What makes you think any one individual made this company succesful. You make it sound like you did it on your own. There are 300,000 some people who are responsible for the companies success and many others who are long gone. You have been compensated daily for your part of that success. What makes you think you havn't already been compensated for your contribution? I would guess that you are not contributing much more now than your were when you came to work here, but your compensation over the years have far outdone your improved contribution.
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    I want my 1106 Brothers and Sisters to share in continued sucess of UPS. UPS and Local 2727, along with the NMB, will meet April 23 in D.C. to see if we are worth more than 40 bucks an hour. Remember that UPS has a long history of labor disputes, and now the NMB will put an end to this practice. If not, I can hold out for a PEB, they even told UAL (which cried bankruptcy) that their aircraft mechanics are worth 35 bucks an hour. Now since UPS is in a different "business than UAL", I wonder what I (we) am worth to a very rich company that needs me (us) for continued sucess? In closing, what is the big deal if UPS pays mechanics 50 bucks an hour, you should be proud that UPS can afford me (us).
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    FREIGHTENING attitude!
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    kjones, The opinions that you express display your ignorance of business and economics. If you really want to share in the profits at UPS invest in some UPS stock. You will never grow wealthy working at a union job, even if you make $100 an hour. The only people in the union that grow wealthy are the union officials.
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    Let's do an appraisal of what your time is worth.

    First look at the industry standard payrate, then industry standard benefits and then compare your payrate including both hourly pay and benefits with what you are worth on the open market. Then do a forward comparison with current union contracts with other companies.

    After you have made these comparisons then project a sustainable premium that you believe UPS can afford to sustain over the market payrates.

    Naming an arbitrary figure that you feel you want to be paid is an amusing way to stir things up on the board but to make a serious argument for increasing wages to the level you suggest would require some serious negotiation. Simply saying that UPS can afford it so you should receive the raise is ridiculous.
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    Maybe the time has come for UPS to agree that it can't afford union mechanics. Hire non-union mechanics and give them a compensation package heavily weighted with incentives based on profits, much like the management compensation program. Then the hourly employees can truly take part in the success of the company when it is successful.

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    Let me ask the mechanic this question? If UPS were losing money, would you be willing to take a pay cut to help the company survive? Probably not. Too think that you and all other teamsters are worth more than the average working person in a similar job is nothing more than "Greed' overtaking reality. Just because a company makes money doesn't mean they have to pay every profitable cent back to the employees. All companies pay their people according to their job skills dictated by industry standards, not by what you "FEEL" they are worth. If your greed kills the golden goose, than you won't have to worry about how much they should pay you now or in the future, just who your new employeer is going to be.
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    Amen to the past several posts. I have come
    to the conclusion that kjones is another brainwashed union thug who has become as greedy
    as can be. I would love to see these types start
    their own business and have their employees demand raises whenever the company makes alot
    of money....

    Bottom line, the union employees deserve a
    fair raise. They do not deserve every golden
    egg as they have claimed. It used to be they
    were happy with being the highest paid in the
    industry, not anymore.... GREED is so evil.
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    Got my "what can brown do for me" in the mail, it seems they provided for the top,(as usual) and luckily, the mismanaged clowns made more than ever. I nearly fainted after reading the whole book, but since I am close to receiving my part of the Brown doing for me, I was able to resume my daily activities. On March 27, I posted, if the company ever needed give-backs, I would help them survive.
  13. dabusdrivr

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    KJones, GIVE ME A BREAK. The "Mismanaged Clowns" you assert too are some of the lowest paid top level management of all S&P 500 Companies. Do yourself a favor and read up on CEO compensation of any other company the size of UPS, and you will change your tune quickly. There are many companies the size of UPS that are either losing money or barely breaking even, and yet their CEO's get yearly raises and bonuses that defy logic. When we stop making money as a company, and god forbid that should ever happen, only then will I agree with your comment. Be thankful you have top level management at UPS that actually "WORK FOR" the salary they receive. Without them, you and I wouldn't be receiving salary and pensions above what most other companies provide their employees and retirees.

    If the company ever needed "Give-backs" as you mentioned, then we as a company will become another REA and go of business. Let's hope that day never happens.
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    Don't get yourself too worked up over the opinions of the "Kjones's" of the world. It isn't worth your time and it won't do you any good anyway. Just try to consider the source. In his view the world revolves around him and him alone.

  15. gsx1990

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    Wouldn't the 28% raise offered by UPS give you
    more than you have ever made before as well?

    I guess you would prefer to see the teamsters
    leaders replace the "mismanaged clowns". Perhaps
    you could do it. If the job is so easy, lets
    see you take it on. Then you could grant all
    your union boys ridiculous wages. In a year or
    two, UPS would be loosing money, and a few years
    later go under. Ah...too bad....250k teamsters
    jobs lost. OH well, it was fun while it lasted.
    At least you wouldnt have to work under Nazi like
    conditions you have now at such non livable- pathetic wages. And you would get every golden
    egg that UPS has to offer. Of course if you were
    running UPS, I'm sure you would lower your salary
    to something that the teamsters think is
    respectable. I mean come on, UPS is a teamster
    owned company right?
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    For all you "Brown Forevers" out there, may I make this suggestion?

    1. Read.

    2. Bite your tongues.

    3. Wait & see.

    4. Respond professionally.


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    Great idea, lets end this discussion and wait till the company, union, and NMB decide. They meet the end of this month so no need to get mad at each other. In closing UPS offered 40 bucks an hour, do you think they would have offered that if we were not worth it. UPS Airline Labor Dept.(and Atlanta) knows what we are worth (to them I guess), lets wait and see, maybe they will offer 35 this time, just like UAL (and the PEB) did to their AMTs, but I think they will sit and make a WISE BUSINESS DECISSION.
  18. kjones514

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    Well, the earnings report has made the headlines. We are going to D.C. next week to reopen contract talks, I hope the union brings the report with them. We have updated the website.
  19. gsx1990

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    I would love to see you run your own company.
    I especially would like to see what you tell your
    employees when they demand > 30% raise just
    because your business was successful.....
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    When is the last time a Union went to the barganing table to reduce the monetary package as a result of negative reports. I wonder if REA was put in the position to have the wonderful union negotiators protect jobs during their demise.
    It was just a quarter ago that we saw our earnings fall like a rock. If anybody out there doesn't believe we can are vulnerable, then you need to look up all of the trucking companies that went out of business during the 1980's.
    There is a reason that UPS is the last standing package delivery company under a union contract. It is purely the fact that we were able to realign our efforts to bring in more profitable ventures. Don't get me wrong, there are many very committed union employees working for UPS, but until the representatives get the picture, all of our jobs are in jeopardy.