Not that we need another imposed contract thread....but I’m confused

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by MyTripisCut, Oct 8, 2018.

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    I think we only have two options after that. Call the A Team or the Super Friends!
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    No more than this them:helpsmili

    A spokesman for UPS said Monday that the company planned to sit down with union negotiators to discuss local issues at the 10 local/regional units that had rejected the union.

    But whether it’s necessary to talk about 10 separate agreements is unclear, based on a web posting by the TDU.
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    You can go away now
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    I think what everyone is confused about is, our constitution gives them the right to push through with a technicality. But, it also gives them the right to go back to the negotiating table. There is nothing in the constitution that says the contract is automatically pushed through with less than 50% turnout. That is why UPS released a statement that it got voted down. The problem is the union did not want to go with its members, and the majority of its members. The union went against their very own members. After the union told UPS they would just push it through, all of a sudden UPS declares that their first and only offer was their final offer. Corruption on so many levels. F the teamster leaders.
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    This one's for you @BigUnionGuy....

    The History of the “2/3 Rule” on Teamster Contracts

    With his brief history lesson, we need to ask ourselves how this Negotiating Committee and General Executive Board has only now found the language in Article 12 to be "clear", rigid, and without recourse.

    So are we to believe Denis T to be a more sage negotiator and interpretor of the IBT Constitution than Ken H was 5 years ago???

    If this Constitutional language is truly "clear" and rigid (which it isn't), why wasn't it enacted during the 9 month odyssey that was our last contract negotiations in 2013-14???

    To me, this isn't as much about bargaining in "good faith" between the Company and Union, rather a breath of the Union's "Duty of Fair Representation" to it's members (and it's future members)....while potentially being fraud and/or collusion with the Company.
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    Assuredly no bias in that "factual" report.
    You'd be alone in that Team picture.
    Because Ken H was running for GST 3 years later, and Denis T isn't.
    Breach of Duty of Fair Representation?

    A midget could effortlessly leap over that low bar.

    Did the IBT meet with UPS to renegotiate an expired agreement?
    Did the parties agree on a TA and put it to vote before members?
    Did the IBT then use Constitutional mechanisms to apply the results of the vote.

    Yes, yes and yes. Game over.

    Many are unhappy with the process but unless you can prove otherwise, you lessen yourself with reckless charges of "fraud and collusion".

    Besides referencing, are you now writing for TDU?
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    What about the justice league?
  8. Bubblehead

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    First, I prefaced the TDU link as "for @BigUnionGuy?(a bit of a poke)...but I would be interested to know what parts of the article that you would refute?

    Secondly, where was this clarity of constitutional langauge 5 years ago when it took the General Executive Board 9 months to enact Article 12 section 6, not section 2, of the IBT Constitution and why is that language seemingly out of play now?

    Section 6. The General Executive Board is empow- ered to amend, delete, or add to thisArticle if at any time it believes such action will be in the interests of the International Union or its subordinate bodies.

    How convenient it all seems.
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  9. BigUnionGuy

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    I take anything TDU says with a grain of salt.

    They have.... time and time again.... been known to spew half truths and lies.
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    I hope that the Big Union Guy.... doesn't see this. Lol.
  11. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Thank goodness.... the Teamster leadership.... doesn't do that. Lol.
  12. Bubblehead

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    Seriously Bug, the "liar, liar, pants half on fire" retort???

    It's a bit disappointing when I set you up (in light of you being a self proclaimed Teamsters historian and all) and all you can come up with is a grade school (or congressional) response.

  13. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    But, but, he has.... all those years of seniority.... at UPS. (He has the plaques). Lol.
  14. BigUnionGuy

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    Actually, when I quoted and responded to your post.... you were editing it.

    And where else can you get historically correct information ?

    Your Local ?

    (I haven't seen a dime yet from PayPal)

    I'm glad you're paying attention. ;)
  15. Inthegame

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    Think about the last time you were at an event and later read about the goings on?
    Too many times in my experience has TDU gotten close to facts but then bends outcomes to build their credibility, avoiding events that interfere with their agenda.
    I live in fantasy land where I expect honesty. I'm disappointed often.
  16. DirtySouth

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    Very well said.

    And for the record, I think @Bubblehead would be a much better writer for TDU than Ken P.

    And that's not a slam on Bubblehead.
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  17. zubenelgenubi

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    Almost the same thing as the Superfriends, minus shape shifting twins and a monkey.
  18. Bubblehead

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    I don't disagree, but also realize that TDU doesn't have the market cornered in that regard.

    Take for instance this article from the IBT UPS Rising site, which covers some similar subject matter:

    UPS and UPS Freight Contract Ratification Update - UPS Rising

    I especially like the the "half truth" slant the IBT uses when representing that this language was adopted in 1991, rather than saying it was amended to a watered down version that year as reported by TDU.

    My favorite "spin" though has to be when they likened the process to that of the Presidential Electorial College.

    In the end, by reading it all and not dismissing either, while filtering out the nonsense from any entity, I become better rounded and more knowledgeable.

    This is how I stay out of the "fantasy land" you described.
  19. Bubblehead

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    I don't have TDU bookmarked on my computer, tablet, or cell phone and generally only read their articles when linked elsewhere.

    It's not that I have any angst (or love) for the organization, I just find their articles too short and often incomplete, as well as wrought with agenda.
    I do however like the links to their sources that are often embedded in the text.

    Limiting yourself to one set of specific sources for your news and information severely limits your frame of reference and creates artificial biases.

    That's just not for me and the reason that I won't expect TDU or the IBT to knock on my door anytime soon to author any article, but I appreciate your acknowledgement in your post.
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    Yes. You seem to be a lot like.... our BA. Very fond.... of UPS.