long lasting shoes/sneakers

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by bluejays1775, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. bluejays1775

    bluejays1775 New Member

    anyone have a pair that has lasted more than a year,just bought a pair they have only lasted 2 months
  2. brown_trousers

    brown_trousers Active Member

    Rockport shoes
  3. yeldarb

    yeldarb Member

    A year? I cant even find a pair of shoes that lasts 4 months. Alot probably depends on the route though. I am about 180 stops, so I probably do more walking than some.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I have always bought the black New Balance sneakers. I couldn't find them in my size last year so I bought Nike and next bought Avia.

    The New Balance tread hold up a lot better than Nike and Avia in my opinion and are more comfortable.
  5. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    You don't want sneakers that last more than a year. They should last about 6-9 months after that the arch and cushion are gone thus your foot has no support. We make $30 hr buying a pair of sneakers every 6-9 months isn't going to break the bank. Besides your feet and back will thank you.
  6. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    ​I've had really good luck with New Balance.
  7. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I am lucky to get two or three months out of my Rockports. I bought two pairs last month and the sole is already separating at the toes on one pair. The heels are wearing fast on both pair too. They are comfortable, but their quality has gone down.
  8. working up a sweat

    working up a sweat Active Member

    After going through 2 pairs of cheap chinese made work shoes in 1 year, I bought a pair of Brahma boots (steel toe) 2 months ago (35.00). They are providing comfort and strength. I work in an air hub on those roller floors with a non slip sandpaper surface. The Brahmas are holding up well. I drag air 4,000 pound containers to the verti-lift and up to the air dock. Also sort off a belt into an air can on the sandpaper platform. The Brahmas also provide traction on a wet cement surface. The car washers are working at night and there are many wet areas I have to watch out for. With the previous cheap boots it felt like I was walking on ice.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I usually do as well but I will be lucky if the pair I have now makes it til October. The tread on the heels is falling off.
  10. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    If I can get 3 months out of a pair of shoes, I'm pretty happy. I usually would buy Nike Air Monarch ($49.99 @ Dick's) but lately I have been buying New Balance 411's (same place/same price). I like the more aggressive tread on the NB but the Nikes are still a nice shoe. Just don't forget to save your receipts and write them all off at the end of the year.
  11. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    I have Nike air Monarchs, and so far I have 3 months out of them, and still looking good. I did have a pair of Dexters, (made in usa) lasted me a year, could never find them again. I go for the postal black shoes by Rocky, but you have to quit wearing them immediately when they start showing wear and tear. Or your body will pay dearly. For the winter if you have ice and snow, whatever is waterproof and warm. This year Rocky, last yr, columbia. While the columbia did not hold up the second winter, I shoe goo'd the seam as they were so warm and comfy.
  12. HomeDelivery

    HomeDelivery Well-Known Member

    damn, I'm on the wrong side of this industry!

    if you surely do get that much per HOUR, I suggest getting a few pairs and rotating them so you don't wear the same pair every day in a chain...

    I've had some success with gel insoles as well if my cheapo made in china shoes starts wearing out... just to get me to the extra month or two while i save up for another set

  13. upsgrunt

    upsgrunt Well-Known Member

    I've gotten 3 years out of my Ecco track 5's, but they were $200. Cheap shoes or expensive shoes, it seems like the cost per year is about the same.
  14. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    My Redwings were $200 plus 16 years ago but aside of being resoled they are still going strong. If it`s wet out of the locker they come.
  15. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    The kangaroo boots from Cabela's last a long time.
  16. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    I have bought NB and Nike, the cheap Treadsafe ones hold up decently for about 3 months or so. At 30 bucks a pair it comes to about the same. I guess it's just personal preference but when I've bought the better shoes the soles tend to go before the upper and it seems like a waste. As for back and knee problems, I didn't notice a difference when wearing the three aforementioned. I also don't wear the cheap UPS branded socks that turn into burlap sacks after a month. Maybe the cushioning in the double layer socks I wear is the reason I don't notice a difference.
  17. HQRNY12

    HQRNY12 New Member

    I am a Full time UPS driver and I wear the Nike Goadome boots in black, they feel like your walking on air all day,
    these last me about 9 months to a year and are geniuine polisable leather!!! This is all I will wear....before these I
    wore the new balance, nike low sneakers, etc and rolled my ankle in them and was out for 9 months, take it from me
    your feet are your money makers at UPS, don't be cheap, If I had these boots on it would of never happeded, I learned the hard way..
  18. TheKid

    TheKid Well-Known Member

    Free New Balance work for me
  19. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Elaborate on the free part?
  20. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    Rub it in, Kid. Just rub it in. :)