Longtime delivery driver retires

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    Longtime delivery driver retires - Batesville Daily Guard

    Billy Snow found out quickly why United Parcel Service has rules.

    “Not long after I started to work for UPS, they told me to always keep my bulkhead door closed,” Snow said. “One day I was going around a curve near White-Rodgers and had the door open, thinking I was going to save some time (at stops) and all of a sudden, a package fell off a shelf and bounced out the door.
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    No where near a record-- I once forgot to shut my rear door on my 800 when I left the building . Didn't realize it until I got to my 1st stop 30 miles away. Packages were found all along my path. For all I ever knew everything was accounted for by strangers turning them in or delivering them for me. center manager must of had other stuff on his mind because all he ever said to me was if any claims came in on me for that day there would be hell to pay. Nothing else was ever said but I did worry about it for about 6 months.:peaceful:
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    Hasn't everyone done that at least once? Our UPS nightmare.
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    Very nice story indeed. I hope I make it that long.
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    congratulations with all the bull at ups I dont blame u. have a good time now that u r aaway from ups,
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    U lluckly they did not write u a warning letter, in Mobile they would have