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    There is an excellent chance that the RLA go away soon. The FAA Bill(which contains Fred's sweetheart RLA exemption) was purposely delayed until Obama and the Democratic Congess took office. If you combine the EFCA with the end of the RLA, FedEx Express will finally have a realistic chance of unionizing.
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    Perhaps I'm blind or can not read, but I didn't see anything about the EFCA mentioned in the article(first one). Just a bunch of stuff about how federal contractors can no longer be shmegheads to their employees, and the equal pay thing. I think Fred would throw every elbow in a fight to keep the tight leash on his employees under the RLA. And I would not be surprised if they got under the NLRA, then Fred would use some kind of pyramid-contractor-sceme like he's got at Ground and HD. The guy greedy to the core.:devil3: