Wired Magazine's Dec 2022 article on Amazon Air "Winging It"


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I would encourage everyone to find this article and read it. It explains how and why Amazon built their own air network.

I didn't know much about it and was surprised how much union representation contracts there are. A lot. Not just UPS but most if all are union(Teamsters btw) companies/pilots.

And all those planes...they don't own them.

There are a lot of vague generalities about volume and especially profitability.

I found it interesting that they are looking to fill empty cargo space on their jets.....do we or will we eventually sell our jets and use Amazon for our air needs? Ironically......Amazon Air was started because UPS couldn't handled the extra Amazon volume at peak. UPS helped create Fed-Ex ground. UPS helped create Amazon Air. Left foot....right foot. Shot clean through.