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    Hi I'm a porter in Wisconsin. Before the strike back in 1997 we had 12 full time porters and 6 part time ones. Now we are done to 6 full time and one part time. I was wondering about the porters in other part of the country? What are some of your duties? They are still filling porter positions here as they retire. Are they doing the same elsewhere? It seems like UPS is cutting corners everywhere possible and I'm concerned about my position with the next contract. Any thoughts from other porters out there. If you want to send a personal message my email is *.
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    We have one full time porter. We are all wondering if and when he retires if the job will be full time or part time.
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    As long as guys are leaving streaks in The toilets you'll be working.
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    Be thankful the streak is in the toilet.
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    Our cleaning services are contracted out.
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    ​Ours are as well.
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    No porters in the bargaining unit here either.

    Kurt, when some of your Teamster porter jobs were eliminated, did that portion of the porter work go undone? If so, you may not have any recourse. But if the work was subcontracted or given to part-timers, then Articles 32 and 22 may have been violated.

    "For the purpose of preserving work and job opportunities for the employees covered by this Agreement, the Employer agrees that no work or services of the kind, nature or type, and including new operations or buildings, covered by, presently performed, or hereafter assigned to the collective bargaining unit will be subcontracted, transferred, leased, assigned or conveyed in whole or in part to any other plant, person or non-unit employees, unless otherwise provided in this Agreement. The Employer may not subcontract work in any classification for the purpose of avoiding overtime. The Employer may not subcontract work in any classification if any employee who normally performs such work is on layoff. The number of car washer and porter jobs in the bargaining unit as of July 31, 1990 shall be guaranteed from replacement by the Employer subcontracting this work. It is further agreed that additions to the workforce in areas that currently have bargaining unit employees performing this work shall become bargaining unit members covered under this Agreement."

    Section 2.
    "The number of permanent full-time inside jobs in each Local Union area as of April 30, 1979, shall be guaranteed from replacement by part-time employees. In addition, the number of permanent fulltime inside jobs created after April 30, 1979, under the provisions of Section 3 will also be guaranteed from replacement by part-time employees. The exception to the above will be in cases of bona fide agreements prior to the ratification of this Agreement."
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    FWIW: nationally, most porters are IAM, not Teamsters.
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    FWIW: Nor Cal porters are Teamsters. Didn't know some were not. Interesting.
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    When the porter positions where eliminated, they just made due with less people. There use to be a lot more detailing when cleaning, now there's a lot of area that get very dirty. My concern is the next contract. The last contract the company wanted to buy out the porter positions and the union wouldn't go for it. When the union bargains for the next contract, can they change the language and allow our positions to be bought out. I've talked to a former DIC employee and he said when that department was consolidated they were offered $1000 for every year employed. People that wanted to stay where offered a position in Tennessee. They finally offered a few other positions in the building. I don't want to be bought out. I came out of driving a year ago due to injuries and I wish to stay on a few more years. I did talk to the union and they said if our positions were eliminated I could go back into driving and be at the bottom of the list and never gain any bidding seniority. Therefore they could give me the crappiest route every day. I don't think the company would want a bunch of old fart porters coming back into driving. Therefore I'm hoping for an option at another job, or maybe have my job grandfathered until i'm ready to go. In Wisconsin the porters are teamsters but in one of the meetings one of the union officer said he didn't care what happened to our department since we were so small. Just some of my concerns, thanks for listening.

    Kurt Kampy
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    Good luck, Kurt. There are too many of us injured. This company has no soul, anymore.
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    Same as with Carwashers. Fewer Carwashers. Dirtier cars.
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    They have metro washing cars to get them to their 3.5. Once they hit they contractual obligation of giving these people 3.5 hours, they must clock out. No matter where you are on the line-up. Nice way to make sure our fleet looks respectable.
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    FWIW: Nj porters are Teamsters too