looking for parttime holiday work and beyond


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ok, i'm in socal untill the end of the year and am trying to get a parttime job at ups for these two months, maybe a couple weeks into january

i've applied for
package handler
driver helper
data entry/wharehouse

i don't know if any will be offered to me, but i'm attending an info session today at 530am and another at 12pm for driver helper

now, come mid january i'll be leaving socal, going back to boulder, colorado; and i'd like to pursue parttime work with ups while im going to college there for a few more years; i run a small ebay reselling business and i do a lot of shipping. also, if possible i'd want to be able to ship packages directly to ups/ups store and then ship them back out from there (so i don't have to recieve packages at my APT while i'm away)

so the questions are:
1. which of those positions might be the best? i'm not afraid of hard work or heavy lifting, but really don't know exactly what those positions might entail
2. would ups really need extra help around the holidays to be willing to hire me for this location for just a couple months?
3. if i don't get hired should i try fedex?
4. do ups employees getting shipping discounts?
5. can i recieve packages at a ups store or the like?

thanks; it's the aliso viejo facility i'll be going to in the morning


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edit: and now i see something about this "earn and learn" program; would that actually help pay my undergrad tuition? btw: i'm 24year old male, and have 2-3years left of biology undergrad at colorado university boulder

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They would definitely love to have someone just for the holiday season at most facilities, as volume drops sharply in January.

Package handler is loading or unloading trailers. Driver helper is going along with a driver and running packages. There is no discount on shipping.

Hope this helps!