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  1. On friday I was disqualified from a 500 mile feeder bid, I passed the school and was placed on a qualified list and a bid was placed on the outside of the feeder dept. I won the job posted and was ready to start when the feeder dept told me I had been disqualified from the list and the job was being awarded to someone else in the dept. with less seniority, I called a BA and he contacted labor dept about it and I was put into a production ride on the run I had won, the same instuctor who qualified me was told to do a production ride that went right to the bitter end on friday 60hrs. Any good advise would be appreciated, BA says I just need more training and will go back to labor dept with a request. Is this worth the effort or should I just go back to package?
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    That sounds like a BS answer from your BA. Remind your BA that the union does not recognize production numbers and if he doesn't do something about it you have rights with NLRB.
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    There is a lot more to this story that we haven't heard. The description the OP gives is very vague and brief.
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    And disjointed.
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    I'm not understanding what he is saying it makes no sense, production, when do we recoginze production. I think nlrb needs to be called good luck with that one. Something is missing from the story............
  6. littleboy, My understanding is once you have passed the DOT test you then have a one week production ride which includes the additional training on the safe work methods and how to use the Ivis system.
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    These questions can't be answered without knowing where the OP is located and what local and regional supplements are in play.

    This a terrible place to look for contractual advice.
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    Long time lurker, first time poster. Sounds like the OP is in week 2 of Productive training, therefore has not made senority. Good luck next time.
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    Wise advice
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    If he has just came to feeders, do you really think he is going to bid a road job and get it?
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    Stay in feeders, your body will thank you!
  12. Looked into Article 3, section 14 of the Teamsters Supplemental Agreement and I was unable to locate any language in regards to the 2nd week production ride for disqualifying a driver is this some local agreement not listed? I was able to see when employee is qualified and placed on the qualified list the employee will be compensated for attending, I was paid and I now have the instructors signature, check, and a class A CDL endorsed with doubles and triples, can someone please help with this...Thanks
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    Your 1st week of training is to obtain your CDL, the next week qualifies you to be on the UPS feeder list. I was told after I completed my 2nd week, that I was qualified and the trainer shook my hand. The way I have read this thread, is that you did not qualify after the 2nd week.
  14. I just need the language in black and white.
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    It depends on how his local is setup. If all FT drivers are on one list for both feeder and PC then yes he could bid right onto a road run if he has the seniority and is feeder qualified. If he is like other departments where classification seniority is observed then probably not. Under either circumstance this drivers post makes little sense and needs more details. If he became a qualified feeder driver and had the seniority for the run he bid then thats the end of it, he gets the job. I can't think of any reason why a less senior driver would get the run unless that driver had been in feeders longer and his building observes classification seniority as I stated earlier.
  16. Hey Brett, The PC seniority is carried over the BA said I can bump the less senior driver off the route.
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    I am glad you ended up with something.
  18. It is sweet having the CDL you just never know when you might need it! What i do not understand is all the money they paid out wages, background check, drug test ect.. it adds up to alot anyway the old route treated me well today the customers were all great and i was happy to be back.