Lost Diad/Broken Diad


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I remember a driver returning to the center with a smashed DIAD II. The center manager asked the driver what happened and he said "I dropped it". The center manager asked, "You just dropped it, are you sure?". After the driver replied yes the center manager pulled a DIAD out of the rack, threw it against the cinder block wall in the center and then sheeted a package, baa-blipp. "You dropped it like that Joe?" the center manager asked the driver who just remained slient. The center manager then did it again and sheeted another package, baa-blipp. After the third throw, the driver blurted out..."OK, OK, I dropped and RAN OVER IT". :-)

center manager: "You sure you only ran over it?" :happy2:

I don't know how DAID II looks like. I've only worked with III and IV but if no. II is nearly as tough as these versions I bet a little bit more has happened to that DIAD. These machines are almost indestructible!

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Not long after the origional Diad came out, I put mine on the rear bumper(like I always did my paper records clipboard) backed up and smashed it all to hell. Made the phone call(went on paper as backup until a replacement could be sent....remember when you could do that?). Unbelieveably....they didn't say a word. The looks could kill though.


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The only one I ever heard of being lost was by a supervisor who was out delivering when he wasn't suppose to be. He actually thought he could hide that one from the drivers. Silly rabbit:peaceful:


I have dropped my diad a few times but the worst that happened is that it didn't "beep" for a while. Oh, and once I forgot my diad at home after taking a break there. Luckely, I only had scheduled PU left to do and I could do those without the diad so I picked it up later after all the PU's.

LOL! didnt even worry too much about it....said "eh, ill get it later"


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I wouldn't want to be the one that had to make that call:blushing: The driver was probably charged with an avoidable accident also, correct?

No way not back then. Your confused w/ now. Back when we had the diad 1 and that would happen you would just get a new one and they would say be more carefull of where you set it next time. I miss that UPS.

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I had left diad 3 on top of the 300 I was in once, I drove about 15 miles got to the next stop and went to pull it out of the slot and was like oh crap, i went to the back could not find it, i looked up and could see it through the top and was so happy. I also was carrying 2 boxes with Diad 4 on top and went to put them down and the Diad slip off and landed in a nasty full mop bucket, I grap it as fast as I could and wiped it off and it worked fine.


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Reminds me of the time a few years ago I was cruising down the highway, glanced up at my back-up camera monitor, and thought, hmmmm...that sure looks like a DIAD there on my back bumper....

Ya gotta love those back up cameras! Especially the ones that are set where you can see your entire back bumper when you are backing up.


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OMG, I can't believe I am going to post this.... It was a light rainy day and I was running back to the package car and slipped just infront of the cab getting in the truck. My leg hit the step, my ass hit the curb and my DIAD flow out of my hands and hit the side of the truck and then went bouncing on the ground and down a storm drain!! the guy at the house I delivered to was laughing at me when he saw me jump up and act like nothing had happened. When he noticed me looking down the storm drain, he helped me removed the strom drain cover and used a rake to snag the DIAD from under the water. It was under water for about 5 minutes and it never shorted out. Used it for about another 6 months then we switch to DIAD 4.

Another funny thing that happened was a time when I meet a driver to bring in his air and ground. It was 19:00 and needed the air in by 19:30 at the latest and we were 25 minutes from the center, so we rushed to unload his 150+ packages into my truck. He still had 2 hours of delivers left. After we unloaded, he said he was going to get a drink and candy bar at the 7-11 then sort his stops. I said "see you later" and bolted for the center. When I started to unload the airs at the center, I noticed a DIAD in the air tote and it was not mine!!! I called the driver at the 7-11 and told him I had his DIAD. He was freaking out thinking someone took it from his truck. I went back out and we split up the stops and punched out at 9:45.

I love my job.... it just does not love me back as much!!