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  1. Channahon

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    And the winner will be?
  2. ezmoney5150

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    UHHHHH???? OSU of course.
  3. wyobill

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    It dosent matter how bad OSU lost last year. The best team will still win. The buckeyes will have there hands full in this one but they bring a
    better defence than last year. I predict the Bucks will pull this one out.
    My key to victory for OSU............. ( bring the heat to LSU QB ):happy2:
  4. diesel96

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    There will never be a true nat'l champion until a playoff system is in place. NCAA football is the only collegiate sport without a playoff system in place. They say bowl traditions rules college football, I say MONEY rules. Anyhow, I like to see LSU to win, but my gut and vegas instincts will bet O.U......
    Cane' fan here(THE U) and sorry to see we will lose the Orange bowl Stadium advantage. As we rebuild our program to what it once was, hopefully Dolphin Stadium can rekindle some of the glory years of days gone by, and challenge for a PLAYOFF ending Championship game in our own warm weather home stadium.
  5. wkmac

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    I 2nd what D said about a playoff and the said part IMO is that you can have both (playoff and bowl) and still lessen the time between games. OSU over 2 months since their last game.

    The first week of December is the traditional Army/Navy matchup and Heisman so starting the 2nd weekend in December, take the top 8 teams and the first week, you'd have 4 games, The 2nd week (3rd weekend of December) you have 2 games giving you your championship teams. Now the normal bowl format rolls out and this still gives the losers in the playoff series a week plus of no play and then they suit up for the tradiitonal New Year's Day Bowl games and you move all the games back to the Jan. 1 day as they were. The 2 top teams from the playoff square off in a traditional championship game a week later or in some other format.

    This is just one idea to keep the bowl games for the money as D pointed out and I'm incline to agree on that pont but you still get the playoff that gives a more legit champion in the eyes of most people. Best wishes to both teams as I don't care and I'll be working anyway so what the Hay!
  6. wyobill

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    I doubt there will ever be a playoff. I say play the Bowl games then pick
    number one and Two for the Nat'l Championship. That will at least bring you a little closer.
  7. wkmac

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    Congrats to LSU. OSU has to be hating the SEC right now but they have nothing to be ashamed of. When you think of iconic collegate football, OSU is always in that mix of names. The name Woody Hayes and Buckeye football is still iconic even in SEC land.

    Georgia was it's own worse enemy in the regular season as I still think the way Georgia was playing they could have beat LSU in the SEC Championship game and then won it all against OSU. In fact, I'd like to have seen Georgia play against USC because that would have been one good game to watch as a fan.

    Still think we need the playoff but I'm afraid Wyobill is right in regards to that! Enjoy the off-season.
  8. av8torntn

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    Thank you BCS. As long as an SEC team stays in the mix I see no need to change anything.
  9. wyobill

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    I hate to say it but OSU didnt deserve to be in the big game this year.
    Georga would have been a better matchup. With 39 of 44 coming back next year OSU will be there again providing they turn back OSU.:sad-very:
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I don't see why all the fuss about Georgia. I don't think they could have beatin LSU. Tennessee played one of their best games of the season and still lost to LSU. Well, I take that back....Eric Ainge lost the game but you probably still get my point. UGA always has trouble with teams that hit them in the mouth and spread the offensive play calling around evenly. That is why they didn't make the SEC title game. I've never liked OSU. They are one of ESPN/ABC's favorites and it's been driving me crazy all these years. After Tennessee defeated them in a bowl game they accused the VOLS of using illegal cleats. How pathetic was that? That only intensified my hatred of OSU. I still hold the grudge ten years later. LOL
  11. diesel96

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    How ironic that politics and Division I College Football go hand in hand. In both cases people lobby for their Candidate/Team who should be number one. Many on all sides may bring valid points to the table but theirs no clear cut outright winner unless put to the test. Even undefeated such as Pro Football's New England Patriots must face down the top challenging foes to claim the ultimate prize. They are not automatically inducted or voted in nor are they lobbied in, their record and actions on the field is a result of where they stand today, challenging for the Championship and a share of immortality with the 72' Dolphins. In order to break this opionionated and unproven closure of crowning a "Division-I champion" or "Leaders of the People"...I say we let them contest their quest Gladiator style, in a arena however, politicians campaign with swords, shields, nets, body armor,spiked balls on a stick, etc...The victorious move on and the hungry lions enjoy the spoils. A little to "barbaric" "BARBARIC" ? (Sen Byrd quote) Well, I guess bogus elections and votes on Electronic disfuntional Diebold machines have to do this day and age. WAKE UP AMERICA !
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