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Did anyone get a 1099-HC form to file with their taxes yet? I got my W2, but not that.


I got both, seperately, several days ago. The 1099-HC came from Blue Cross. It was a letter on the front, and the 1099-HC on the back. It says to call the phone number on your health plan ID card if you have any questions. Also refers to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue at

[For BrownCafe folks outside of Massachusetts: There's a new law that requires everyone to have health insurance, and to prove it, when they file their Massachusetts tax return.]

Big Babooba

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I didn't get mine yet. I got my W2s two weeks ago which totally shocked me. Usually I get them on Feb 1st or 2nd. the HC 1099 is Mitt Romney's legacy to us. Thanks Mitt. That carpetbagger wants to be President? ARRRRRGH!!!!