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    After a year and a half the four time Emmy award winner for "Outstanding Drama Series" Man Men returns this Sunday night. For those not in the Don Draper loop here's a 15 minute montage of the last 4 seasons.


    For those already hooked this threads for you.
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    After read a few reviews online I would have to agree with them. Being off the air for 17 months we fans wanted something that would blow us away. We didn't get it. The entire two hour show was a re-acquaintance with the characters devoid of a deep story line. Wide and deep story lines that has been the hallmark of this drama.

    Like many of the reviewers have said, we'll give Matthew Weiner the writer and creator a pass on this set of episodes. I certainly hope we get more substance in the narratives of the characters and story. The only character that jumped out at us was Megan Dons new wife. Her sultry dances was a treat.