Mahwah HR people sacked in 2020?


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After 29 years, I left the Mahwah "pink palace" just before the pandemic as part of the organizational realignment plan.

Out of morbid curiosity this week, I was perusing LinkedIn and noticed that many of the HR and communications people left in September 2020. Those positions were filled by noticably younger individuals - at least compared to the geriatrics that haunted those quads. It appears that the more senior HR people are still there, with the exception of one particular ghoul who should have been let go well before that point ( I won't post her but I hope she isn't terrorizing anyone at her new post).

What happened to these people? Were they replaced by folks from TATA as was being desperately pushed on the tech workforce?

I see this board is slow but I am generally curious, so even if you see this post some months in the future, I would love to hear what had happened (I will get an email alert when someone replies).