Man admits theft from UPS

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    Man admits theft from UPS - Poughkeephsie Journal

    Jason Massone, 27, of Argent Drive, Highland, said he was issued a credit card from his then-employer, United Parcel Service, to buy gasoline for UPS vehicles.

    Massone told Judge Gerald V. Hayes he used the card at various gas stations in Dutchess County to buy gas for his personal vehicle and also allowed a friend to use the card.
  2. upsgrunt

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    Stupid people shouldn't breed! Did they think that UPS doesn't audit that kind of thing?

    That person is probably the one that stole the fuel card out of my package car several days ago.
  3. rod

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    I suppose I shouldn't have charged all those donuts and Red Bulls to UPS either?:happy2:
  4. brownIEman

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    No, no, we have many studies in IE showing a direct correlation between donuts/Red Bull and an increase in SPORH. Those purchases are considered a justifiable business cost...:peaceful:
  5. rushfan

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    That's not the first time it's happened.
  6. soberups

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    What an idiot. He throws away a $70k-per-year career to steal a couple hundred bucks worth of gas, all the while assuming that UPS doesnt monitor the use of fuel cards.:surprised:
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am surprised that he was even able to make the first purchase without it being denied. The cards that we have do not allow you to pay at the pump. We have to go in and have to input our odometer reading and employee ID in to the card reader. We are not allowed to put anything else on the card other than the fuel (we used to be able to buy washer fluid).

    Sober is right--$70K + thrown away in exchange for a couple of hundred dollars of gas.
  8. lostupser9234

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    We had a driver get fired in my center a couple months ago for the same thing. They suspected him of other types of theft also but were able to catch him stealing the gas, he was arrested at the pumps. He tried to somehow blame it on his girlfriend, stupid man. I'm sure his wife wasn't too happy to hear about any of it…
  9. User Name

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    I told my wife about us going to speedway to get gas. She asked me if i bought a fifty dollar gift card then used it to pay for gas for the extra 1000 in points. I looked at her and just shook my head, can you imagine how long it would be before I was terminated because I did something like that. Sometimes people just dont think anyone will figure it out. Most of the time they do it just takes a little time..
  10. freeloader

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    Hey lostupser9234 is that Tawny Kitaen laying on the hood of your package car?
  11. lostupser9234

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    That's funny, freeloader.
  12. InTheRed

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    And it won't be the last. Saw that happen over here recently as well.
  13. CommDown

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    Thats funny when I am unloading I see every box of DVDs or phones or any electronic gadget box opened and either empty or rifled through. How do you get retapes on every box of DVDs.

    Yet, I have to get a huge silver sticker on my phone.

  14. joezee623

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    what a dope giving up a 70k job for a couple of hundred dollars worth of gas
  15. Emmanuel Cabrera

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    Its People like him that mess it up for the rest of us.