Man Carjacked, Shot In South Loop UPS Parking Lot

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Channahon, Jun 12, 2007.

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    Yes, thankfully he is still alive. I am glad I have a cheap car and no TV (in the car) or anything anyone would want to steal.
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    Aspen, that's a bad neighborhood--even in broad daylight! Go to and check out the Jeff St. Facility. Requires applicants to be 18. UPS hires at 17. I took the Amtrak into Southern Illinois a number of times and went pretty much right by the UPS building. Not a pretty sight, particularly in broad daylight. As the article said, its quickly gentrifying. -Rocky
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    I am sure the area is bad but that can be said of just about any UPS building. Having so much in plain site is tempting to folks. He is lucky to be alive and I do hope he gets his car back.
  5. over9five

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    UPSs "no firearms policy" almost got this young father killed.

    I agree you should not carry while at work, but you damn sure should be allowed to have a gun in your car!
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    Hmmm....A man with a family who works part-time at UPS and can afford a decked out car with a TV? I wonder what his side job is...and is it legal? :closedeye
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    The best part about Jeff St is when you hubcaps got stolen and then you could buy them back on Maxwell St. Which was an open air market - you could actually see them hanging on a fence for your viewing.

    Tidbit of info - the scene from Blues Brothers - Shake Your Tail Feather with Ray Charles was filmed in the area in 1979.
  9. michael

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    That was only when going down south State St. to get to one of the rail yards, the one on 63rd St. (the Con Rail at the time) If a person jumped up between the tractor and the trailer and pulled off the correct air line, your brakes would lock and you would not be able to move. At that point the rest of the group would cut the seals on the trailer door and go "shopping".

    We would even wrap thick wire cables at the very top of the trailer doors to prevent that (remember the top of the trailer is 13' 6" from ground level), unfortunately they got wise to that and brought their own ladders to reach the top and cut the cable. Another thing to keep in mind is that all of this happened around one o'clock in the morning.

    At one point there was a police car parked at the corner of 59th (I'll stand corrected if it was 51st , it's been a while.) and State, just to make sure this didn't happen.

    It's a very unique atmosphere in that area...
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    You amaze me Raw. You're response on most all threads here is very negative. If a woman has a problem she is asking for it. If you get shot it is because you are a thug. Is it possible that your judgement could be wrong?
    Just a thought.........
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    I guess its no wonder UPS is only running one sort out of that building (Night Sort) now. ADDIL isn't in a terribly bad neighborhood, by the way. I had to leave my car there one night and it was safe and sound the next morning. -Rocky
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    Hey UPS, how does that cheap rent look now? You know that is the main consideration when buying a facility.
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    I`m still thinking..........
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    Only downtown Chicago and North side are safe . I don't think Chicago will win Olympic bid for 2016.
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    'Da Mare'-Mayor Daley's fetish for decorative black "iron" fences sure doesn't help security down there, just the fence contractors bottom line. But I'm biased, my day job isn't too far away-the former Skid Row now known as West Loop (thank you Oprah) and they're getting harassed about their chain link.

    Ms. Channahon, perhaps you know, was the new fencing part of the deal that allowed UPS to block off 14th place for its own use?
    Cachsux & Michael, a buddy of mine was once harassed by Ill State Police trooper for trying to "shake off" a native from the straight truck he was driving:lol:.
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    I agree! He thinks everyone is a fool or wrong except him. Have you ever said anything constructive or agreed with anyone?
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    I'm glad I live in a place where this would likely not happen.

    and that's one f'n ugly looking centre.


    stay at home dad? daytime consultant? well to do wife? works three jobs?

    oh but wait, he's black and he doesn't work in the suburbs :scared::censored2:
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    the car was a 10yr old pretty sure the bluebook is not that much...
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    he should get this before he decked out his "ride".