Management Buy Out Oct 2007


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Corporate intell alludes to the long awaited Management Buy Out, Pension Plan mods, MIP changes etc....This announcement is slated to occur right after the Teamster Contract is finished........Seems like the actual specifics & amounts will depend on how many billions of dollars UPS will have to give the Teamsters for the Central States Pension Plan.............Management will still continue to get the left over scraps for the Teamsters.......


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I recently heard their will be another buyout that will be done in the same time frame as the one offered last year. No details on age, who or anything else, just rumors. I hope they don't wait for the teamster contract, that could be next august!!!

Does anyone have details on the Voluntary Seperation that was offered last January? This seems to be the best kept secret in UPS. Only know that they were converted to a cash pension and were paid in four lump sums over a two year period. Anyone that knows more please share.

If I were a betting man, if there is another buyout, it will probably closely mirror the one they offered this year.:cool: