Management hiding missed packages

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by socom71, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. socom71

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    Management in our center are hiding missed stops and late next day air. Any package that is misloaded or left at the center that does not make service is exceptioned scaned as future. I dont mean just 1 or 2, since we started pas misloads are thru the roof. Some get delivered most dont , they have us not sheet them and bring them back to the center where a supervisor scans them. When I say their hiding late next day i mean when its delivered past commit they have us sheet it security late reason, this happens every day because there are some of us that dont get out of the center until 10:00 with a 10:30 commit time
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    Seems like your management team doesn't value their jobs or ups service. Let us know when they get fired.
  3. socom71

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    Our district manager knows this is going maybe even told them to do it seems to have started about the time he showed up. They hide the nda because they cant get our trucks loaded and I dont get there early and work for free like some . When we did tell them we were not going to do this any more they told us they would send us warning letters for not following directions. They even took our diads and voided the nda we delivered that day and reentered it the way they wanted. Want to see if this kind of stuff is going on everywhere
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  4. UPSmeoff

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    We have a 'relaxed' commit time at our center this week. One and a half hour later for everything. 1030=12, 12=130 and so on.
    I wonder if they tell the customer shipping something about this?
  5. socom71

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    Of course not . Yeah we got it to it was ods to us today.

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

    Sounds like you need to call the corporate 1-800 number and inform them of whats happening. Confidentially of course!
  7. CFLBrown

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    It's on their website and it's not that deep in that someone can't find it.

    Holiday Season Service Guarantees
    The Service Guarantee does not apply to UPS commercial and residential Ground shipments or UPS Standard to Canada shipments that are picked up or scheduled to be delivered between December 12 and December 24. In addition, except for UPS Early A.M. and UPS Worldwide Express Plus deliveries, the guarantee for on-schedule delivery for all other Air and International service shipments delivered within the United States will be extended by 90 minutes on the Day after Thanksgiving Day and on December 19 through December 24.

    Dont forget that PAS takes out the deep thought process for the loaders, misloads will go down once they get used to it. The loader's pieces per hour is going to go up, stops counts go up, everyone is happy (on the managment side)
  8. UPSmeoff

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    Start time was pushed back to 9 20 tomorrow. If i dont get out of the building until 10, UPS is going to know the real meaning of missed pkgs.
    I am wearing down, as i know alot of you are. Just remember that UPS does not care if you hurt yourself, so stay safe, and dont do anything dumb trying to deliver 200 stops.
  9. DS

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    we get the message on the board..,stop at 10:15 and scan all air as emergency conditions when its actually quite nice out.
  10. socom71

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    Why are they allowed to get away with this. If we did this on our own and they found out about it they would have us in the office the next morning . This is clearly falsifying documents in the worst way.
  11. Unregistered

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    That is so nice. Getting drivers and managment to lie to not cost the company money. Money they dont have any problem taking from the customer. And over the counter and at the UPS stores, there is no mention of "relaxed commit" times.

    And if the relaxed commit times were for real, why lie about the actual delivery time?

    Quit making excuses for bad behavior. Lying is lying, cheating is cheating. Not giving the customer what they pay for is not that unusual. But cheating to cover up lies is not acceptable. Ever.
  12. wily_old_vet

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    Unless they've changed it this year the air garuntee is not in effect right now so it shouldn't matter how you sheet them.
  13. socom71

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    they have been doing this since 2001. I could tell you about other thing they have done to hide missed pkgs , like having you sheet missed business stops as closed holiday when there was no holiday. Hold on just getting warmed up the list is long.
  14. tieguy

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    I agree. Relaxed service committments due to peak.My guess. The emergency code is not used much. There is no code for peak volume conditions. So you use the emergency code to identify those packages that would have been late due to peak volume issues. When you then run your queries to see how many service failures you had and the cause you can seperate out these from other problems and see what other service issues are causing late deliveries. You then use that information to help you build a better plan for making service under peak conditions in the future.
  15. socom71

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    Has nothing to do with peak been doing this since 2001 every day every month! We dont even run straight air we run it as we go and sheet it as late reason security . Every Day.
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    Upper management knows that this PAS/EDD system will always have major problems with missed packages or services failures, so they try to eliminate the high number of services failures or late air by any possible exception they can find. When I call in my misloads each day while on area, I am grilled on all the info on the shipping label to see if there is any ,even slight mistake on the label that would allow them to enter the package into the system as an exception.Our start time for tomorrow, has been moved from 8:50 to 9:05. They will save a lot of $ (15 mins per drver , at 60 drivers in our center),But look what they will pay out in OT at the end of the day.
  17. teddyr

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    In our ctr they were sheeting them up as closed, even if it was a residence. I had a lady confront me for this when I had delivered two of the three Pkgs she was supposed to recieve that day. Call the hotline and report it as a dishonest act.
  18. olebrownie

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    Doesn't it make more sense to start late when you know the air won't be there on time? If the start time isn't changed the ot would be paid having you wait at the building for the air.
  19. Our start time was pushed back to 9:30 for tomorrow. Stewards have filed a grievance for not informing us a week before changing 100% of the drivers start time. As far as missed, yesterday my loop scanned over 400 as missed, but the operations report this morning showed only 35 missed.
  20. mattwtrs

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    We are actually starting a half hour earlier on Thursday because we know the air will be late. That way we aren't dumbing around sorting the air but are out getting the bulk delivered and will probably have meet points to get the air. Just about every driver in our center has missed packages due to higher than planned volume this year. Emergency condition is only used when the weather is bad, snow & ice.