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    Was wondering if anybody's FT or PT sups work? Whether it be unloading feeders or taking off incompatibles from the feeders for the slightest minute. A lot of employees always tell them to stop working or report grievances, but they continue to sneak in some work from time to time. My HUB even had a union rep come and talk to us employees about sups working.
  2. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Everyday....speak up and file.
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  3. browner89

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    Ours are always breaking jams and picking up packages off the floor. Nobody here says anything because they want the help to get out as quickly as possible. Others simply don't know that sups aren't supposed to be touching anything because we don't have any real union representation/education in my center. 95% of our employees work 2 jobs are only show up to work for 3-5 hours a day for free healthcare and some booze money.

    I imagine once or twice people have spoken up to the center manager as the sups stop helping for a day or 2 then once everything blows over they jump right back into it.

    I'm in a smallish and underemployed center where we get hit with way more work than we should be able to handle, I think a lot or even most of the hourly employees appreciate the Sups helping. I've also said it before but most of our Sups were also longtime hourly employees (except for 1 or 2) who have many strong relationships with their workers. They're not the typical slave-drivers you hear about on these boards, so they won't get reported, whether they're right or wrong for helping.
  4. PT Car Washer

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    The Twilight sort has a deal where a high seniority broken down PTer will watch while a sup works. Thinking about filing but that will upset the "watchers".
  5. By The Book

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    Kind of like a cat chasin it's tail, a little distracted then back at it.
  6. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    Hard for union reps to see anything when they are never around at night?
  7. Gumby

    Gumby *

    Unless its election time.
  8. browner89

    browner89 Active Member

    What is this "union rep" creature you speak of, does it come from a land afar and breathe fire?
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  9. retiredTxfeeder

    retiredTxfeeder cap'n crunch

    Kinda reminds me of sasquatch. Everybody has heard of them, but nobody has ever seen one.:eek:
  10. PT Stewie

    PT Stewie "Big Fella"

    Everybody complains as they are running out the door early do not even get their guarantee. Then you say file I will sign and deliver the grievance for you "Not me they say and put a target on my back?". The sups are working and you say why don't you do that work .......they answer "Not me" WTF I am not the diaper changer. I have been retaliated against a couple of times for trying to be a good steward. One jackass went after my kid when he was on the job. I am a union rep and I am around. Try helping some time ask not what the union can do for you, ask what .................
  11. jibbs

    jibbs Long Live the Chief

    If it weren't for supe's helping, half of my preload coworkers would not be able to keep up, stay clean, and load their pull. Pisses me off when I see two people with four trucks between them and a supervisor posted to pull for them all shift while I'm handling my four by my lonesome from start to finish.

    It is what it is, though. They finally put me where I wanted to be in my center and I'm pretty sure if I started getting all big-headed with the grievances they'd float my ass right to the sort aisle or unload. "But we need you there, we're down three people!" they'd tell me. "C'mon, man, you're more than capable," they'd say.

    It's happened to me before. Not on grievances but after.... err.... "confrontational" days....
  12. I find this kind of funny. Not in a rude or sarcastic way. But I'm a PT Sup, and yesterday our steward asked me to help him unload his package car. He knows I'm management. I even said the "Oh I can't, I'm management now remember?" Said he didn't care, he just wants the truck cleaned out so he can go back out.
  13. browner89

    browner89 Active Member

    This just continues to show that there is absolutely no continuity from one region, or even one center, to the next. Sups are hated for being dicks and touching packages stealing work in 1 center, in the next they're best friends who are begged to help so everyone goes home as quickly as possible.
  14. PT Stewie

    PT Stewie "Big Fella"

    At the end of the day it is about the customer, service and stock holders. I can't find myself to blame PT sups because the get their chops broken more then the workers with no union protection. There are a few jack asses but that is any place you go. The problem lies with the bean counters who create the numbers that are un-attainable. I can't wait to see what happens with the stock drop and the 4th quarter figures. Cut the numbers some more.
  15. We're not all one big happy family. But I think at the end of the day we all want the same thing. A paycheck and to do our jobs to the best of our ability. I'm in a RTW state. Union involvement and membership is almost nonexistent. And that includes new guys and the old timers.

    Tell me about it. My biggest wish is for one of the bean counters to come down and see what it is really like during the sort. They say in my building we should be able to run the sort with 5 guys. That leaves me with 2 guys in trailers, a splitter, an unloader, and one guys sorting and bagging smalls. On a great day we can get away with only 8. But those days are becoming few and far in between.

    The hardest part of going into management was not touching packages. I feel useless sitting around watching everybody work.
  16. jumpman23

    jumpman23 Oh Yeah

    Its actually not about the customer and service anymore. Its all about the shareholders and that's it nowadays to these idiots. Oh and by the way, expect this peak to be just like 2013 peak because the stock went down with the profit going down in the 4th quarter. This peak will be hell, its not going to be sweet like last year. The shareholders spoke and they were :censored2: and that's all UPS care about. Forecast to get that asczz whooped like a dog this peak, its coming partner believe that lol.
  17. Number24

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    Thanks for all of the replies guys! This is a very touchy subject.
  18. jibbs

    jibbs Long Live the Chief

    Hit the nail on the head with that one.
  19. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    I guess it would be too simple to hire more employees in this case?
  20. juliebrown

    juliebrown New Member

    to be honest I like the help from time to time when it is only a few minutes.