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  1. DRAisawesome

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    Just a question about the mangers in your buildings. Ours seem to be hanging their heads and look somewhat depressed. I do like my direct manager and it's really sad to see. We do a pretty good job over all for our whole district. As always they want more for less. I really noticed this AM that no one really cares anymore. Why would we go an extra yard for anyone or anything. Only place I really worked as an adult. This morale is funny and sad at the same time. It all comes down with the you will do this attitude from MT3 aka Happy Hands. So how is your Managers attitudes?
  2. MrFedEx

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    In my district, we have had a bunch of managers either quit or downgrade. I know of several more who are rumored to be getting out, and who can blame them? In my station, most are working 12-14 hr. days and covering both sides of the operation. Because of DRA, more often than not, they are on the road, making covering the rest of their job that much tougher. A couple of them turn off their phones when it gets really bad, or lock themselves in their offices. The senior recently had to extract one who had been behind a locked door all afternoon.

    I cannot confirm this, but I've heard not making budget these days is another quick way to get canned. As much as I loathe most of them, you sort of have to feel sorry for their situation at the same time.

    What a great company.
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    The math wizards in MEM have placed unobtainable goals on everyone's shoulders. I have seen a lot of managers and seniors come and go over the years. They are caught in the middle. Most of the drivers at our station still bleed purple. We have a lot of senior employees. It's always the same. MEM wants MORE for LESS. The managers are in the middle trying to hang on every day. I have seen several drivers take the leap to management and more than one are back driving. Money is not everything. There is not enough money made for me to throw away my integrity. That is why I have never aspired to be a manager. Life sucks all the way around the purple people eater right now but I still love my job, most days.
  4. Cactus

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    The managers at my station are a group of professional liars.

    In that kind of environment I (and many others) have pretty much given up. I'm just going through the motions nowadays.
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    We have some decent ones where I at. The rest seem to be fake it till you make managers. They have no clue what's going on just trying to hang on. I have a friend became management and said she makes less than when she was a courier. If that's true then I can see why they don't seem to care either.
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    If you thought you were under pressure, imagine being a manager who has to answer for EVERY little thing you and the other 20 couriers in your group.
    Remember that next month when you're told there's no raise.
  7. Operational needs

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    At my station we had 2 managers take the buy out, three transfer out, one step down, and one trying to leave. All since May. Sr manager from hell. Morale of managers and hourly is the worst I've EVER seen it.
    Managers seem very defeated and resigned to the abuse they have to take from both sides.
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    We have one at ours that is "purple brainwashed", its amazing to me how he can continue to be so gung ho when he speaks to us. It's so obvious that no one at our sta cares or is listening. There is mostly dead silence from the couriers during the presort. No one really believes anything mgmnt has to say. We have another mgr that only gets his chance to speak when Alpha mgr isn't there. I don't believe he buys in to much of what Memphis says. Our pm mgr clearly got her position by sucking up. I've been at the sta a long time and thought I knew everyone who was in the aspire program until she got the job a few years back. There was a lot of disdain from the rest of the aspire candidates. No one respects or trusts her one bit.
  9. Sniper

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    Money is NOT everything. I have been in the truck 21 years.

    I have seen pro pay, IPP, bonuses, jumpseat, family days, ect....been there done that. I have almost half of my life invested in FedEx.

    The raises come when MEM wants them to and there is nothing any of us can do to change that. Managers make some bucks...BIG bucks, but I would not have their job if they offered me one Monday morning.

    I have seen a lot of managers come and go over the years. I like where I live and it would take a LOT for me to give that up.

    All that being said I worked today, (Sat) got time and a half. I am working Monday for time and a half...drafted both days.

    There is no where within 100 miles I could make that kind of money and have 6 weeks vacation to boot. There may be the reason that the senior employees are a "liability" in today's economy, and it will only get WORSE from here.

    Yes Express was more of a PEOPLE company in years past. My pension would have been much better before Enron but again what can "we" do about that.

    A little gratitude and the hour break going away would be great right about now. It is what it is.
  10. MrFedEx

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    A long-term ops manager can make well into 6 figures, but few last that long, and at least initially, a topped-out courier with some OT will make more than they do.
  11. CJinx

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    I like working here but it would have to be damn good money to jump into management. I'm quite happy in operations. I'd rather be tinkering with our technology than managing our people.