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    I just wanted to ask a question? In my center we have a new manger that enjoys following drivers around their route. Is it ok for them to do that or would that fall in as some type of harshment and what can be done to put a stop to it. Is this happen any where else!!!!!:biting:
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    It's their job to observe drivers to make sure they are following the methods. How is he harassing the drivers ? Is he like 5 feet away and always trying to chat with the driver o what ?
  3. 705red

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    They are allowed to follow, and after a while of watching you do things by the methods they will stop. But if they catch you doing everything wrong they will continue to follow.

    This guy would be pretty hard up if hes following drivers during peak.
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    call 911 and tell the police there is someone following you; and they may be casing / preparing to hijack international/interstate shipments. it is in your training to be aware of surroundings, and lots of cars look the same; i wouldnt risk my safety knowing someone was following me around just becuase the car 'looks' like my center manager's lots of cars look the same.

    safety 1st
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Just do your job and stop your whining. Your manager has every right to follow you and observe your methods. However, like Red said, this guy must be pretty hard up if he is doing this during Peak.
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    He only follows some drivers. This same manger left a driver at a service station said the he was fired and to find a ride.
  7. cachsux

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    Carry along a bag of roofing nails and toss a handful every time you turn a corner. Eventually he`ll fall behind.
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    Every once in awhile our center manager will come out on area to do some observations. What he doesnt realize is that we know what type of car he drives and the spots he likes to park in. When he comes out to our loop, the first driver that sees him will call everyone else on their cellphones and get the word out so we can put on a show for him. We also have a spy in the office who will give us a heads up when he heads out. Its like something out of a bad prison movie.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    One of our on-cars was doing on road observations fooled us as he had driven his wife's car to work that day and we had no idea.

    Bottom line: Do the job as though you are being watched as you very well may be.
  10. JimJimmyJames

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    My friend, who is a carpenter, when his boss watched him work, swung his hammer slower. As soon as his boss walked away, he swung it faster. His boss got the hint.
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    Yep. Get used to it. They want to keep you on your guard.
    Had a buddy in delivery, several years ago, call the cops on an LP guy that was following him from stop to stop. He knew who they were but hey, he was just being sure. lol. They didn't find it funny but it got them off his back and they couldn't prove a thing. :happy-very:
    ( I don't condone this, but it was funny):wink2:
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  12. Dizzee

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    Peak Security PCM

    Security Awareness and Incident Prevention

    With Peak season underway, it is extremely important that UPS security procedures are followed and any unusual activity is reported immediately.

    Date to be given:Weekly during DecemberAudience:All U.S. Package Car, Feeder and Air DriversVisual:None

    With Peak season underway, it is extremely important that UPS security procedures are followed and any unusual activity is reported immediately.

    Key Messages
    Ø Keep your bulkhead and rear doors locked at all times unless you are selecting a package; the bulkhead door should always be locked while the vehicle is moving.
    Ø Your uniform is publicly recognized and provides you access to areas that may otherwise be restricted to the public. Protect it.
    Ø Make sure all pieces of your uniform are secured in the package compartment when not being worn.
    Ø Jackets should not be placed behind or draped over the vehicle seat or left in the public’s view.
    Ø Handcarts must never be left unattended; someone could take a package or place a package on the cart.
    Ø Keep vehicle keys in your possession at all times – no exception.
    Ø Be aware of your surroundings
    o Suspicious people loitering around the area of your delivery.
    o Vehicles which may be following you while on area (your route). Write down a description of the vehicle and the license number as well as a description of the occupants.
    o Report any unusual incidents in your delivery area immediately to your management team.
    Ø With the high demand for Xbox during the holiday season, you should be extra vigilant at electronic stores.
    Ø Never deliver a package to someone who approaches you on a street unless identification positively matches the consignee.
    Ø Never leave packages unattended either on a hand truck or in the cab of the package car.
    Ø Don’t carry more money than absolutely necessary to conduct your business.
    o Keep a nominal amount of cash. It is recommended that you do not carry credit or debit cards on your person.
    Ø If you feel unsafe or threatened in any way, proceed to the nearest secure location and immediately call 911 followed by a call to your management team.

    UPS continues to work to ensure that UPS processes and procedures are based on the latest information available. This, combined with our long history of safe work practices and sound security procedures, helps to provide a safe work environment for all of us.
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    Do these mangers have any newborn babies in them?
    It is that time of year! :smartass:
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    Unfortunatly, it is easy to catch drivers not following habits. I saw the driver helper in my neighborhood after i got home tossing packages about 15 feet onto doorsteps.

    If you do your job, I dont think anyone will follow you. just playin devils advocate. I'm on the road all day and see at least 20 UPS trucks a day. If half wernt on their cell phones it would be a miracle. Also, close those bulkhead doors, especially on the interstate.

    I address it with the driver and I usually dont take it to the center team, unless it keeps happening.
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    Is there cattle in the mangers when they follow you... you might get some free beef!!
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    sorry upstate, couldn't resist.

    Guess I need to get a cell phone now.
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    Years ago I had a supervisor ride with me for several days because I was running over (can you believe that with all the fair standards that they use?). After several days of riding and he could find no wrong in my methods (I was still running over quite a bit) his statement was " I know you're doing something wrong, I just know it". I never paid any attention to their unfair time studies so I never looked at the stats the next morning. Needless to say we didn't get along.