mandatory working seven days a week

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  1. nissan97

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    this week at the dallas hub the management on the midnight sort are telling everyone that its mandatory to work Friday an Saturday . I was under the impression that the contract dictated a five day work week hence making the extra days voluntary not mandatory.
  2. oldngray

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    5 day work week but it can be Tues-Sat or other variations, not just Mon-Fri.
  3. nissan97

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    we already work sun through Thursday , they are insisting that we must be there fri and sat as well
  4. PiedmontSteward

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    Five consecutive days out of seven. Mandatory means they need you, but don't show up if can't/don't want the hours. You should not/cannot be disciplined for it as a PT'er.

    They're pulling the same :censored2: at my hub. The supervisors are telling the hourlies it's mandatory and they'll be disciplined if they don't show up while the Division Manager is telling the BA and the stewards that no one will be disciplined for not coming in on a sixth day.

    UPS wants to put PT'ers on a 3.5 hour/day diet 11 months out of the year but now that they're being blown outta the water they suddenly want their PT workforce to give them a FT commitment.
  5. nissan97

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    that's what I figured thanks for the info
  6. PT Car Washer

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    3 1/2 hour guarantee unless the sort goes down early, like it does most days out of the week, Then it's like "what do you want to do? Sweep the floor?"
  7. 542thruNthru

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    say yes id love to sweep the floor! i have a couple times.