Massive pileup in Michigan, one dead, multiple vehicles on fire

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    DETROIT (Reuters) - At least one person was killed and six cars and semi-trailers set afire in a pileup of 50 to 70 vehicles on Friday in Michigan in one of the most serious weather-related incidents in three days of snow and bitter cold throughout the Midwest and East Coast.

    The accident occurred on Interstate 94 about 10 miles east of Kalamazoo, Michigan, at about 10 a.m., state police said. One of the burning semis was carrying hazardous material, State Trooper O.J. Hamilton told Reuters. He said icy conditions and low visibility contributed to the crash.
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    This is about 30 minutes from me. Thank god I'm on vacation this week.
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    Damn, best wishes to all those involved, I hope it stops at the one fatality, awful.
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    Ice storm?
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    I imagine white out from blowing snow. My area has had several multi vehicle crashes this week on the interstate but nothing this bad.
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    Scary to see the fire and to know fireworks were in one of the trucks!
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    No s
    no snow squalls were blowing across the state all day, one minute the sky is blue ten minutes later it's a whiteout. Just got home after a 11 hr day, now I can file my first 9.5 grievance of the year. Didn't even make it a week before I get to opt in, thanks UPS. There was also a 40 car pileup on US23 near Ann Arbor this afternoon.