Master Freight Agreement Loophole

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ezralive, Jul 22, 2005.

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    As a former UPS manager, I was directly involved in the exploitation of loopholes created in various Master Freight Agreements during the late 1980's and 1990's. In essence, this allowed UPS to divert massive volume on commercial accounts thru wholly-owned and partially owned non-union companies.

    This is the future of long-range UPS logisitical planning and that's why i began dumping my UPS stock long ago. The premium is still in expedited freight which has much better profit margins, but companies like Fed-Ex keep kicking UPS ass in that market.

    Nothing is permanent at UPS - including your job or your pensions.
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    Your problem is that you continue to recycle bits and pieces of your previous BS stories into your new BS stories. But you suffer from CRS syndrome and cant keep it straight.

    So which is it are you the ex-supervisor or ex-center manager today? Ex-district manager? Senior VP? Theyre not the same you know. Weve been through all this before.

    Meanwhile youve never been anything other than a sub-sub-sub-par Teamster. It is a great pleasure to have been a member of the team that put you on the street. (Though I know you won't remember who I am.)
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    Mark Bell,

    I haven't a clue who you are because you're too much of a coward to tell me. If you put me on the street, then we would've bumped into each other by now and i doubt you'd ever forget that encounter.

    If you don't believe me, name the time and the place - sweetheart...
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    You know good and well who I am. Weve bumped into each other probably 100 times and its odd that you get wound up on message boards but are a limp-noodle in real life. Long on talk short on action and execution.

    Remember the last time you made a claim like:

    I won't disclose my area of operations for confidentiality reasons. I signed legal documents while working at various levels of the UPS machine.

    Remember how I forwarded the last such post and made a *single* phone call. Remember how it turned out NOT to be an ex-UPS manager of any sort, but the same loon it always is? The one that is a TERMINATED ex-Teamster driver that everyone knows...

    Again, which is it are you the persecuted Teamster slug or are you the longsuffering ex-supervisor or are you the various managers youve claimed to be?

    Crazier than a loon and a lying *ss all in one neat package.

    Incidentally, Ill be in Oaktown 8-17 8-20. You know Francescos? You call the day and time, Im flexible.
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    Actually, I changed my mind. Were not going to be eating so make it that MLK park right around the corner from the hub. Back lot by the fort/walking bridge. I think they open the gates by 5:00am but you can get in through the service road if its locked.

    Im a morning person, so Id prefer 8-20 - say 6:00am.

    You can call it as you wish but that would be the best for me as 1) I have a flight out that morning at 10:00 and the airport is right around the corner and 2) youre not going to show up any F-ing way. But I'll be there until 7:00 at any rate.
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    Actually, I really don't know who you are and i don't recall ever meeting you. As for your hostility towards me and these wild allegations about our past encounters is totally bizarre.

    I've never heard of Oaktown or Francesco's so I haven't a clue where you are or who you obviously have me confused with.

    Nonetheless, your comments are those of a deeply disturbed individual in dire need of some psychotherapy. I'd strongly urge that you seek professional care available under the UPS employee health plan.

    in your case, 10CCs of thorazine followed by some strong anti-psychotic meds should help the voices in your head go away...
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    you two need a room and a plastic doll.
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    Right where the "hiker, bicycle trail" turns N/NE where it says "Boardwalk."

    It says "trail" but it is a service road. But you know that too.

    I'll be the only one there. Again. I've set my PDA.
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    You are the one that is so familiar with all of the psychotic medication- how did you learn??
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    You can thank that former UPS Manger,for the layoffs,and scabs doing teamsters work.
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    Terminated ex-Teamster driver?

    One that everyone knows?

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    Look guys, if we are going to have a duel, Mark can I be your second? I realize that you and I have had our heated discussions, but really.....this guy needs to have his clock cleaned.

    And if you dont feel up to the task, I will drag my 50 year old burned out worn out butt out of bed and do it for you.

    Maybe if momma would have spanked him more when he had the delusions earlier in life...........

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    To get back to the topic I have noticed that SCS out of Tenn. has been moving Williams Sonoma all over the country, all contract drivers. Just a piece of info.
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    We haven't had anything like this, since the
    holy-war in Richmond.
    You go Mark!!!!
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    Hey Ezra If I wasnt working so much overtime lately in July none the less, I might beleive you
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    I put my money on markbell!
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    I understood his use of the "n-word" within the context of "the plantation".
    Is this a recent discovery?
    Did Columbus just discover America?
    Is the Earth really not flat?
    Now I am really depressed because in 27+ years of male bonding, I have never been referred to as "honky", "cracker" or the "n-word".

    Please don't get him stirred up again.

    (Message edited by trickpony1 on August 06, 2005)
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    Sighhhh.....don't that figure ezralive don't that just figure. Here you are trying to help out humanity by exposing the evil inner workings of the big brown machine and up pops up someone who remembers you when you used to screw goats for a living.
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    You didn't respond to my private message...

    I'm not surprised. Anyway twinkletoes, I'm headed your way first AM... See 'ya.