McCain is the best candidate??? Huh??

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by BrownShark, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. BrownShark

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    This is what you get when you try and make grandpa from the munsters, the President of the United States:

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    I can play this game too

  3. tieguy

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    BS video I've seen before. I guess he play it for us every day or so. This Obama one I had not seen. Its disturbing. Hussein hemming and stammering when asked if he would accept Farrakhan's support? He should have chimed up with a quick "oh hell no" . Michele Farrakhan saying this is the first time she has ever been proud of her country? And how can I forget the reverend wright.

    So what now am I supposed to be objective and ignore not only the hints of socialism but also the hints of black activism tied to Hussein's candidacy?
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    which makes you wonder why everything Brownshark posts is always about how bad McCain is.... how bout showing everyone all the great things Obama is FOR and what he is going to DO (please nothing with change and hope).... people want something to vote for, not against
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    Ok, I'm helping out Brownshark here by bumping this video back to the top. I mean, we've got to help him not use up every YouTube video before we even hit the conventions so he needs to save something for the stretch run to November. I'm sure both candidates and all the 3rd party types will replenish the supply somewhat but I don't want BS to run out of resources.

    In that effort, I'm asking everyone here to do their part with conservation and "RECYCLE"!

    :tongue_smFor you Jonesy!

    I know Scratch, I know. Stand in the corner and then 500 lines of "I will not......."

    somebody find me some damn chaulk!
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    Its chalk, and these post sound like fingernails on a chalk board,
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    Feed the world, then the trolls:smart:
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  9. tieguy

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    A bio on grandpa (AL Lewis) who actually had a very interesting life and who was successful in a number of arena's.

    BS should be happy to see that Al ran for governor of NY on the green party ticket.
  10. BrownShark

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    If you recall, which I am sure you do, Grandpa was also Homosexual.

    But then, you were probably in the parade with him each year!!

  11. tieguy

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    Bi-sexual maybe? The act of engorging yourself as a vampire tended to create an erotic sensation that needed immediate relief regardless of the sex of the victim. :happy-very:
    My guess by your posts would be that you may be the proud offspring of one of these cold impersonal conceptions:happy-very:
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    OMG !! An actor who is gay !! Quick, call Mike Walker at The Enquirer because this is big news !! :knockedout: