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    The Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery Alabama released it's "hall of Fame" of the most vile, evil, unAmerican, and inhuman individuals on the planet that threaten the goodness and divine nature that is "THE STATE" uh I mean the United States of America.

    Check out their list entitled "Meet the Patriots" and see if looking through you find anyone you might know.
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    Of the 6 pages I looked at, I have only heard of 5 of these people....

    Orly Taitz
    Michele Bachman
    Glenn Beck
    Judge Napolitano
    Ron Paul
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    Why thank you, SPLC.
    You have totally debunked the left's rumor that the TEA PARTY is made up of racist white men.
    one page 1 of your list; a black man, a woman, and a mexican-american.
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    Crazy comes in a variety of colors.
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    Ooooooh my! One of each! How Rainbow-warriorish of them!
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    The Washington Post Cannot Tell Obama From Malcolm X
    Violent black radical Barack Hussein Obama X is learning about wind energy in Iowa, The Washington Post reports in a most unfortunate photo caption error.