Meeting after sort tonight.

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    I was told of a meeting tonight after the sort (i was the only one not told by the supervisors...surprise, surprise) that's supposed to be with upper management. It's sorta like a greivance meeting, but not just about the supervisor, it's about the whole building and the job in general. This will be my first real meeting at this job... so i don't really know how they go down.

    If you've read any of my posts, you know how many greivances i have at this place. So how should i go about bringing them up to management? If i ever bring them up to my sup, he get's all :censored2: off at me. But this meeting is what that's for. I know this sounds like a joke, but would it be bad if i brought a notebook, and a list of problems i have with the job? Or would that be like asking for termination?
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    There's nothing wrong with coming prepared and bringing up your concerns. Be professional and courteous and even a little bit forgiving. If it gets to the point where their going to be A-holes, stay quite till the end of the meeting take copious notes and bring your concerns up (if any) to your BA.
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    go with a rep or dont go.
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    also you you go on the clock.
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    This is a meeting to explore concerns. You will not lose your job. Always be respectful and businesslike. People are more apt to listen to your concerns when you are respectful and you do not have to fear losing your job.

    The fact that your division or business manager is holding this meeting shows that they are open to your concerns and want to start a dialog to make things better and open lines of communication.
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    We had a meeting like this a couple of years ago. The district HR manager, the division manager, and the center manager took all the chronic 9.5 grievance filers and had a meeting in the conference room. Alot of things were brought up, alot of notes taken, pretty much a good little back and forth.

    The next week they started 3 day rides with all the grievance filers, locked every one of us into a SPORH, and sent each of us a letter of certification telling us that we were to maintain that SPORH.

    No one did. Nothing else ever came of the meeting.
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    I think you're up to 14 posts here. I don't remember you ever mentioning that you had filed a lot of grievances in any of your previous posts.

    Depends on who is in the meeting. If you have a bunch of managment there from outside your operation then its generally not a good idea to embarass your boss.

    It sounds like you have some communication issues with your boss. It may be his fault it may be yours. I don't know since I don't know either of you.

    I will tell you this though, If you started asking death questions in one of these focus meetings then I would probably wonder if you were some kind of wack job.